【本杰明福尔福德】2013年4月15日 朝鲜核武器,叙利亚生化武器…_本杰明福尔福德吧_百度贴吧 what is money laundering in tagalog

The systematic take-down of the criminal sabbatean satan worshipping zionist cabal that seized power in the west through control of the financial system is continuing despite their ongoing threats of mass murder.

有系统的拿下通过控制金融系统而取得西方政权的Sabbatean 崇拜撒旦的 犹太复国主义犯罪阴谋集团正在进行中,尽管他们不断发出大规模谋杀威胁。

The latest casualty, a victim of murder according to MI5, is nat rothschild, until recently the presumptive heir to the rothschild dynasty. This information has not been confirmed by other sources but the most recent public appearance this writer could find of him on the internet was march 26th. If he was killed, then he joins the former pope, 26 US generals, queen beatrix of the netherlands and countless others in being removed from the apex of power in recent months.

根据MI5消息,最近一个受害者是纳特•罗斯柴尔德,他直到最近才被假定为罗斯柴尔德家族王朝的继承人。这条消息还没被其他消息源证实,但在最近公开活动中,本文作者在网上只能找到3月26日他的新闻。如果他被杀害了,那么他加入了前教皇,26美国将军联盟, 荷兰女王 贝娅特丽克丝和无数其他人在最近几个月被从权力顶峰移除的人们之中。

what is money laundering in tagalog

One possible hint that more cabal purges are in the works is the fact that japan’s imperial household agency has still not said whether or not the crown prince will accept an invitation to the coronation of the new dutch king willem-alexander on april 30th even though an answer was supposed to have been given by the end of march.

一个可能的暗示表明更多阴谋集团清洗工作正在进行,事实上 日本宫内厅还没说是否皇储将接受新 荷兰国王 威廉 亚历山大4月30日加冕典礼的邀请,虽然可能在3月底的时候已经给予答复了。

This may be related to an intensifying campaign to remove the windsor (saxe-gotha/rothschild) family from the british throne, the house of saud from control of the arabian oilfields and stooge president obama from the white house, according to gnostic illuminati, MI5 and vatican P2 lodge sources.

这可能与一个强化行动把温莎(萨克斯哥达/罗斯柴尔德)家族从英国王位, 控制了沙特阿拉伯油田的众议院和傀儡奥巴马总统从白宫中移除, 根据诺斯替光照派,MI5和梵蒂冈P2共济会消息源。

The cabal has been trying desperately to start a major war to keep in power but nobody in control of serious military power is being fooled any more.What is money laundering in tagalog the people in the pentagon know that it is the zionist cabal that is behind both the north korean nuclear threats and the talk of chemical weapons being used in syria. They are not going to be manipulated into zionist wars anymore, pentagon sources say.

阴谋集团绝望地试图发起一场主要战争来保持权力,但控制核心军事力量的人中没人愿意再被愚弄了。五角大楼的人们知道了在朝鲜核威胁和叙利亚生化武器之说背后正是 犹太复国主义阴谋集团。他们再也不会被操控去开展犹太复国主义的战争,五角大楼消息源说。

Skull and bones closet homosexual nazi stooge US secretary of state john kerry was in asia last week stirring up trouble but was not being taken seriously. Kerry and his fellow zionist agent iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad were both involved in the “october surprise” sabotage of the 1980 rescue mission of US hostages being held by the iranian government, according to MI5. During the iranian hostage crisis ahmadinejad was one of the hostage takers. Ahmadinejad reported to CIA agent tim ozman (aka osama bin laden) who in turn reported to george bush sr.What is money laundering in tagalog during that operation according to both CIA and MI5 sources. Kerry worked on the US side of this operation to ensure the hostages were not freed until after bush and reagan were elected.

骷髅会同性恋纳粹傀儡美国国务卿约翰·克里上周在亚洲挑起事端但没有被认真对待。克里和他的追随者 犹太复国主义代理人伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德都参与了伊朗政府举办的1980年的“意外10月”破坏美国人质营救任务的行动,根据MI5。 在伊朗人质危机内贾德是绑匪之一。艾哈迈迪-内贾德向cia特工蒂姆ozman(又名奥萨马·本·拉登)汇报,此人反过来报告给老乔治·布什在那次操作中,根据CIA和MI5消息源。克里在美国这边操作确保在布什和里根当选后释放人质。

It appears that kerry’s visit to asia was timed to coincide with a psychological warfare operation that was scheduled for april 13th but was aborted. Japanese TV stations had cancelled their regular TV programming for what was supposed to be a special announcement at 9 PM on the 13th. Several japanese government offices also sent out false reports on that day that north korea had launched a missile. However, nothing happened and the official north korean news agency website was taken off the internet for a while when it became clear the north koreans were no longer following the zionist script.What is money laundering in tagalog

看起来克里访问亚洲跟一个预谋4月13日策划的心理战是同步的,但是流产了。13日晚上9点日本电视台取消了他们普通电视节目原本是为了一个特别公告。 那天一些日本政府办公室也发出了虚假的报告说朝鲜发射了一枚导弹。然而,什么都没有发生,朝鲜新闻社官方网站在互联网上被人屏蔽了一会,当朝鲜已不再遵循 犹太复国主义的脚本。

Obama’s messengers had given north korea $3 billion to stage provocations but the north koreans stopped cooperating when they found out that israeli nuclear submarines were planning to stage nuclear terror attacks to blame on them, according to japanese military intelligence.


Here is a message to you kerry: you are a common criminal and you are going to go to jail along with your nazi buddies.


Pope francis has the idea that george bush sr. (kerry’s boss) will be charged with something soon, according to an italian aristocrat close to the vatican. The new pope also does not support obama, according to this source.What is money laundering in tagalog


Perhaps that is why anonymous sources in the UK and brussels fed a well-meaning but misguided group known as the international tribunal into crimes of church and state (ITCC) information supposedly linking pope francis to the acquisition of exocet missiles in argentina during the falklands war.


While it is almost certain that P2 lodge members were involved in the missile deal, the catholic church at the time spent most of its considerable energy and influence stopping the argentine fascist junta from invading their neighbour chile and trying to save innocent argentines from regime murder squads.

然而几乎可以肯定的是,P2 共济会成员参与了导弹的交易,当时的天主教教堂动用了大部分的能量,影响阿根廷军政府停止法西斯侵略邻国智利和阿根廷试图拯救无辜的政权谋杀小队。

The new pope these days is evading his security guards and running around in a disguise of jeans and a sweatshirt trying to find out what is really going on, according to a vatican source.What is money laundering in tagalog


The source admits the former president of the vatican bank was engaged in money laundering and that money laundering was still going on there. “the vatican has been laundering money for different kings and armies for centuries,” the source said adding that “after it is laundered it can be used for good.”


The other person under attack these days is queen elizabeth and her family. A gnostic illuminati source says the saxe gotha/rothschild dynasty had criminally seized the throne and had to be removed. One of their members sent the following UK TV documentary as partial proof:

It basically says the kingship was usurped centuries ago by edward IV. Other sources, including the daughter of abdicated king edward VII, say the line was usurped again in the 19th century by the rothschild and the german saxe gotha families.What is money laundering in tagalog