1 An illustration of how badly the btc vs bch debate has devolved. we need to do better. _ bitcoincash price of bitcoin

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What is bitcoin cash?

Bitcoin cash brings sound money to the world. Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations. The future shines brightly with unrestricted growth, global adoption, permissionless innovation, and decentralized development.

All bitcoin holders as of block 478558 are now owners of bitcoin cash. All bitcoiners are welcome to join the bitcoin cash community as we move forward in creating sound money accessible to the whole world. The ticker symbol for bitcoin cash is BCH, but is sometimes referred to as BCC on some exchanges/wallets.Price of bitcoin

please do not confuse bitconnect (which also uses the ticker symbol BCC) with bitcoin cash.


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Me too, and it is off-putting, but splits like this happen in all industries and if you want in on the ground floor, you are going to have to assume some risk. It’s like one is my space and the other is facebook, but we don’t know which is which.Price of bitcoin here’s what I’ve gleaned from what I’ve read: A group called core has basically taken over BTC. Another group believes core should be fired. Well, maybe it should. In my day job, I have to be able to spot scams, and when I read about how BTC is going to be better in the future because of ‘side chains,’ ‘segwit,’ and ‘lightning networks’ I think ‘scams.’ people often use meaningless titles to impress the uninformed. I’m uninformed, but I know that when I read a title and I am still uninformed, that title must be there to keep me uninformed. Then there’s the fact that if you go to the r/bitcoin thread and someone posts the idea that maybe BCH is ok and the two coins can co-exist, that commenter will be called a ‘shill’ and BCH will be called a scam. Well, the old adage is true that an insult tells you more about the person who hurled the insult than it does about the target.Price of bitcoin it suggests that BTC is the scam. It suggests that BCH haters are drowning in anxiety because they’re clinging to the myspace of cryptos. Frankly, they’re scaring the crap out of me because I own a bunch of BTC. Meanwhile, almost all the comments in this bitcoin cash thread are level headed. These BCH comments sound like they are made by adults who can defend their positions without devolving into insulting the other side by resorting to name calling; or by coming up with bizarre conspiracy theories as to why anyone would challenge their positions; or by pointing out that person challenging their position has been a redditor for only a few weeks. (that would be me.) anyway, I’ve found the BCH crew to be much more friendly and professional, and it made me buy 3x times more BCH than I have BTC.Price of bitcoin anyway, that’s my uninformed analysis. Good luck. If you figure anything out of value, please let me know.

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Good except the part of criticism to the white paper. This is not a matter of following a sort of dogma: if you disagree with the white paper, which is a technical paper defining a technology, start another crypto, it is as simple as this. If you make bitcoin different from what the white paper defines it, keeping the name bitcoin is fraudulent.

WP=bitcoin. Sadly, the chain you support transformed it in a store of value, which has a poor use case, diverges a lot from the white paper. I particularly don’t care about what you support, but the vitriol comes all from the core supporters. I was like you at the beginning until I did my due dilligence.Price of bitcoin

Reducing everything as propaganda is saving you the trouble to think for yourself. Equating BCH supporters, which are 99% supporters of what bitcoin is supposed to be according to the white paper, to core supporters shows naivety, disinformation or ill intention, because they are pro censorship and brand co-op to profit on top of bitcoin selling vaporware.

They employ gangs of trolls to down vote everything and are obsessed with silly shit like calling bitcoin cash bcash, there is no comparison at all.

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Well… The problem is that bitcoin cash is a direct threat to bitcoin core. The goal of bitcoin cash is to steal most of bitcoin core’s market cap. That is why most bitcoin core holder’s don’t like it, because it is a threat to their money.Price of bitcoin if youve made 100k + of bitcoin so far, you don’t want to see 75% of it go away towards bitcoin cash. So bitcoin core proponent hate bitcoin cash.

On the other side, bitcoin cash market is bitcoin core. The best way to make it go up is by taking away some of bitcoin cores market. Therefore, bitcoin cash proponent want bitcoin core to fail, as it would most likely make bch moon…

That’s why the fight between them both will not stop. They’re both a threat to each other and can’t really survive both. If bitcoin core prevails, bitcoin cash goes to hell. If bitcoin cash prevails, bitcoin core goes to he’ll.

I hold no btc and 70% of my money is in bch so I’m pro bch but… I really don’t see any argument for btc over bch. At this point, for me, as I try to rationalize it as much as I can, btc makes absolutely no sense.Price of bitcoin the only value it has is that it’s going up, has a famous name and is the main entry point in crypto.

But we all have way too much money involved in this to be partial so… Hard debate to have 🙂

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