10 Junk Drawrer Items to Sell on eBay how to invest in gold and silver pdf

All of these items can be sold on ebay as accessories. Otter boxes and other brands of phone cases, wall adapters, power strips, computer cables, car chargers, and belt clips are all sellable. It doesn’t matter if the cord is from an older model electronic device, in fact, those are the money makers. Let’s say a senior citizen set in his ways just likes his 10-year-old nokia phone. And the charger dies. It is easier for him (or his grown children helping him) to buy a new charger than for him to learn a brand new phone. Board game pieces, dice, and checkers

These are also worth money! Amazingly enough, people collect game board pieces or crafters make them into jewelry. Older dice, backgammon tokens, or checkers made of bakelite are especially valuable.

Bakelite is a hard plastic-like material made in the early 20th century that is quite valuable and collectible.How to invest in gold and silver pdf items like game pieces, hairbrush handles, knife handles, hair combs and barrettes, buttons, and costume jewelry were often made from this material. Used eyeglasses and cases

This one is a little weird, but people actually buy used eyeglasses on ebay. Usually, the buyers are in search of designer or vintage glasses where they can reuse, or resell the frames. Cartier, chrome hearts, burberry, prada, and gucci are sought after brands and can sell for hundreds of dollars in used condition. EBay shows over 11,000 completed sold listings for used eyeglasses. This large number indicates there is a market for this item. Film production companies (many in hollywood) often come to ebay to purchase props and costumes for films. They may be looking for vintage styles of eyeglasses, like the cat eye or horned rimmed.How to invest in gold and silver pdf you just never know what grandma’s or grandpa’s or your own ugly old ​eyeglasses might sell for on ebay. Used dentures and false teeth

Along the same lines as used eyeglasses, used dentures, false teeth, and dental bridges can also sell on ebay. The most common reason a buyer would want these is for the precious metal fillings or crowns in the teeth. Dentistry has evolved quite a bit over the last 200 years. In the early 19th century, metals were used for fillings. Anything could have been used including silver, gold, tin, or copper. As dentistry evolved, amalgams (or a mixture of metals) began to be used. The older fillings and crowns have more precious metal in them so they are more valuable. Buyers can take these to we buy gold places and sell them. The dentures may be used secondhand.How to invest in gold and silver pdf some folks actually buy the used dentures to wear if they cannot afford to have them made. Unfortunately, a full set of dentures costs at least $2,000 and can exceed $15,000. This isn’t an option for many people, so they try to make do with a used set. Sell the contents as a lot

That’s right, you can create a listing for the whole darn lot. EBay shows almost 10,000 completed sold listings for junk drawer lot. The contents include things like coins, broken jewelry and watches, calculators, tools, unopened batteries, vintage matchbooks, craft supplies, pet supplies, action figures, ephemera, ashtrays, vintage credit cards, you name it. EBay shows over 8,000 completed sold listings for junk drawer lots.