17 Unusual but Handy Uses for WD-40 bitcoin chart coinbase

WD-40 is marketed as a “multiuse product.”

It’s known for the capabilities for which it’s usually enlisted — such as lubricating squeaky hinges, loosening rusted parts and driving out moisture. In fact, “WD” stands for “water displacement.”

But WD-40’s uses extend well beyond those tasks.

The WD-40 co. Offers thousands of uses for its namesake product on its WD-40 website, including 2,000-plus uses contributed by the product’s devotees. Folks have been discovering more uses since the original WD-40 product was developed in 1953 after 39 failed attempts. (thus, the “40” in its name.)

We’ve rounded up some of the least known but most helpful uses below.

If you try a new use for WD-40, test it in a small inconspicuous area first. WD-40’s list of fan-submitted uses notes that the company has not tested those suggestions, and that “customers should exercise common sense whenever using WD-40” and read the label. 1.Bitcoin chart coinbase

unstick chewing gum

WD-40 has been used to remove gum that was stuck to hair, shoes, concrete and lunch trays. 2. Wipe away permanent marker

Did you or the kids unwittingly pick up a sharpie and go to town on the dry-erase board? The damage need not be permanent. 3. Remove adhesives

Give your fingernails a break. Whether you’re trying to peel off a stubborn sticker, decal, price tag or tape, reach for the blue can. WD-40 also works on adhesive residue that has been left behind by sticky stuff. 4. Separate stubborn legos

Did junior stick those blasted bricks together a little a too well? Spare your fingertips and nails. 5. Dissolve glues

Examples from WD-40’s website include removing glue from carpet, leather and other surfaces; removing hair-extension glue from hair; and removing glue stains from jeans. 6.Bitcoin chart coinbase clean shoes

Paint or grass stains on your favorite sneakers? Dog poop or salt in the crevices of your boot soles? WD-40 has been used to tackle it all. 7. Remove crayon and modeling clay

WD-40 is among the cleaning products that crayola’s website recommends for removing crayola products from various surfaces. 8. Remove coffee stains

Examples from WD-40’s website include coffee stains on cups, tables, counters and floor tiles. Just be sure to wipe up all fluid from floors so no one slips.

9. Deter squirrels

WD-40 co. CEO garry ridge told the los angeles times that his favorite story about an unusual use for WD-40 involves a woman who sprayed it on her backyard bird feeder pole because squirrels were filching bird food. Petroleum jelly — good ol’ vaseline — works as well.

Watch the video of ’17 unusual but handy uses for WD-40′ on moneytalksnews.Com. 10.Bitcoin chart coinbase keep lawnmower blades clean

Spray your lawnmower blades to prevent grass clippings from collecting on the blades. 11. Deter wasps

For evicting the buggers from a nest or preventing them from building one, users of reddit’s “lifeprotips” message board agree on WD-40’s effectiveness. Just don’t spray a nest while wasps are around. As one commenter who made this mistake put it, “they do not like it, and will attack.” 12. Open iced mailboxes

Put the ice pick down. WD-40 is a safer “open sesame” when you find your mailbox door frozen shut. 13. Prevent snow from sticking

Spray your shovel and your snowplow blades with WD-40 to stop snow from sticking to them. 14. Remove dead bugs

Is a summertime road trip in your recent past or near future? When the fun is done, remember that WD-40 has been used to remove dead bugs plastered onto everything from car radiators to boat windshields and golf carts. 15.Bitcoin chart coinbase remove bird droppings

Try reaching for that blue can the next time you find bird poop punctuating the hood or roof of your car. 16. Prevent car parts from freezing

A frozen-shut door lock or ice-clogged windshield wiper spray nozzle is the last thing you need when you’re running late to work. 17. Banish barnacles

Yes, WD-40 has even been used to remove barnacles from the undersides of boats.

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Do you have a favorite use for WD-40? Or a favorite alternative product? Share your thoughts by commenting below or on our facebook page.

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