18 Exponential Changes We Can Expect in the Year Ahead – MIT Technology Review how to invest in gold and silver pdf

True believers in AR and mixed reality will persevere, but the opportunity for large-scale change afforded by AI and blockchain—especially in fintech, health care, and energy—will attract the majority of driven entrepreneurs. Edge cases that extend reality, especially in industry, will be the most interesting. Smart firms will start to build up their capabilities in this domain today to reap rewards in the future. 15. Digital advertising has been invasive for far too long, and this year ad tech will suffer.

The enhanced privacy features in ios and google chrome, and the requirements of data obligations of the EU’s general data protection regulation will hurt ad tech and programmatic advertising. Facebook and google will barely notice and will continue to dominate the market. 16. Crypto-mining’s hunger for energy will overshadow the growth of renewables.How to invest in gold and silver pdf

The price of renewables will continue to decline and new solar and wind contracts will be substantially below the best fossil fuels can offer. On the downside, the energy consumption of mining bitcoin and other tokens will continue to grow at more than 20 percent per month, unless there is a huge price correction. So by this time next year crypto-mining will be using about 10 times as much energy as it does today, rivaling italy’s consumption. Unless, that is, blockchains undergo is a major conversion to proof-of-stake. 17. Ethics will increasingly drive consumer choice and investing strategy.

Consumers will increasingly make purchase and investment decisions based on their resonance with the ethical positioning of a firm. These will get amplified by industry—particularly the insurance industry, which needs to price in risks related to climate change or regulatory malfeasance.How to invest in gold and silver pdf university endowments may feel pressure to adjust their investing stance and divest from certain types of assets (or companies). I’ll be intrigued to see if the #metoo movement gets reflected as an investment risk. 18. Buddha, aristotle, hayek, and marx make a comeback.

Marx because the last 50-year consensus between workers and employers and financial capital is strained, so some will look for the pendulum to swing back. Others will look at the combination of increasingly cheap energy (reducing the cost of production toward nil) and increasingly capable machines (reducing the average human’s ability to be paid for their outputs) and argue only a state of radical abundance—or “each according to their needs”—can work. Critics of greater central intervention in our collective affairs will raise the specter of marx, and often through friedrich hayek’s critique of it.How to invest in gold and silver pdf hayek’s notions of the market as the most effective information discovery and transmission mechanism will attract more interest as blockchain-style networks show their utility as resource coordination systems.

Aristotle reasserts himself because while we are wealthier than ever before, his call for eudaimonia (human flourishing) will seem to stand above the noise of “recommended for you” consumerism. Buddha’s relevance will be driven by a greater awareness of mindfulness and contemplation in our dopamine economy. Equanimity will be a helpful characteristic during turbulent times. And as machines appear to be more and more lifelike, and neuroscience unravels more mysteries of our consciousness, the quiet contemplation of our subjective personal experience will become a sanctuary for our humanity.How to invest in gold and silver pdf