1995 WWII Gold Two Pound Coins should i invest in gold now

Although the royal mint has stated that the 1997 bi-metal two pounds were the first intended for circulation, ordinary circulation types were released for all seven nickel-brass designs. It is our theory that they were introduced to test public opinion about their popularity, and the practicality of introducing a two pounds denomination for circulation. They were clearly not popular as a circulating coin, being too heavy at a time when most coin denominations were being shrunk. It appears to be part of human nature to resist change, so it was somewhat predictable that the new £2 would not be universally acclaimed. When the smaller five, ten, and fifty pence coins were introduced, they met with criticism as being too small, but the general feeling is that most people would not like to revert to the older heavier designs.Should i invest in gold now

in 1997 a new, lighter weight bi-metallic two pound coin was introduced as a circulating coin. Only five of the seven nickel brass series of two pounds were also made available in a gold proof version.

The greatest outburst of joy in the history of mankind. With these words winston churchill captured the world’s reaction to the happy news that, after almost six years, the war in europe was finally over and that all hostilities were to cease after midnight on 8th may 1945, VE day. Jubilant crowds sang and danced in the streets of london, new york, paris, moscow and in cities and towns throughout the world. In the far east, however, the war continued. There the end came just three months later on 15th august, VJ day, with the unconditional surrender of japan, and allied nations the world over were able to unite in joyful celebration.Should i invest in gold now

The war brought devastation to british cities, but while london burned st. Paul’s miraculously escaped destruction, its dome according to the times seeming to ride the sea of fire like a great ship. Serene and comparatively unscathed amid a city in flames, the great cathedral survived to become a symbol of hope to a beleaguered nation.

With peace came the urgent need to rebuild and reconstruct city centres, an enormous task since in london alone 700,000 homes had suffered damage from bombs. But britain, her resources all but exhausted, was described by the economist JM keynes as facing a financial dunkirk.

Crippling shortages meant that ration books were still to be found in every home and the depressing wartime utility clothing, specially designed to make the most of scarce resources, was to remain in vogue.Should i invest in gold now

Even the coinage did not emerge unscathed. Silver, for so many centuries an essential element of the currency, seemed an extravagant luxury in the years of austerity that would follow the war; indeed, to repay the 88 million ounces borrowed under the wartime lend-lease arrangement with the united states, there was no choice but to draw on the vast reservoir of silver contained in the coins in circulation. The old coins were accordingly replaced by cupro-nickel, to be greeted by critics as drab, dreary, utility coinage appropriate for the difficult years of economic recovery.

On the reverse of the second world war £2 coin john mills has beautifully depicted mankind’s desire for a peaceful world, featuring in his own words a symbol of aspiring peace, the calm, bountiful and optimistic image of a dove.Should i invest in gold now peace is emphasised, too in the edge inscription

The second world war has preoccupied the designer for some years. A commemorative sculpture of his, situated to the south of st. Paul’s, acknowledges the debt owed to the fire-fighters who died during the blitz. It was because of this sculpture that, in competition with other artists, he was specially invited to submit designs for last year’s D-day anniversary 50p coin and this year’s second world war £2.

Hardly a week goes by without someone offering to sell us one or more of the base metal version of this coin thinking they have got a gold version. These were struck in nickel-brass, and are therefore a yellow colour. Only a hopelessly over-optimistic person or idiot could confuse these two different metals. We also see base metal versions offered on ebay as gold, but then over half the stuff offered on ebay seems to be stolen, fake, or dubious in some other aspect.Should i invest in gold now

We see many of these and other two pounds on ebay described as gold, or not described, but using our photographs of gold proof coins, presumably with the dishonest intention of misleading potential buyers into thinking they can buy a real gold coin cheap. EBay buyers should exercise caution. If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.