20 Best diaper bags in 2019 reviews

This stunning chevron diaper bag will quickly become one of your favorites. With ten different side pockets and a large pocket, this diaper bag holds a surprising amount including space for your laptop or iPad. Two of the ten side pockets have elastic mesh pockets that work well for storing bottles for your little one. The large pocket features a zip closure which ensures that all of your belongings will stay securely in your bag. It also features an easy access tech pocket so you can securely store your phone while still keeping it easily accessible. Despite the impressive amount of storage, this bag holds it manages to maintain a desirable low profile design.

It is available in 12 different colors and patterns to allow you to perfectly accent. This diaper bag also comes with a comfortable cushioned changing pad that is designed to perfectly fit in this bag. With a cross body strap and the tote handles this bag gives you a ton of versatility. There is even a nonslip stroller strap and shuttle clips that allow you to effortlessly hang the bag on your stroller. With an external D-ring, you can easily attach your keys, kid’s toys and even pacifiers to the bag to help you carry even more.

If there is one thing you can count on it is the quality of this impressive HaloVa diaper bag. This diaper bag is different than others you may come across as the high-quality fabric is water resistant. This makes it a great buy as you no longer have to work about rain, water, and milk spills on the bag. Simply wipe clean and your bag will look good as new.

This travel bag is designed to make your life easy. With multiple storage areas, this bag can be worn a number of different ways for ease of use. Carry it like a handbag, throw it over your shoulder and carry like a backpack or hook it to your stroller. This elegant bag is perfectly disguised looking more like a fashion accessory than a baby bag.

The picture of function this bag has a large capacity that will easily fit all of your baby’s needs. With an insulated front pocket, you are able to easily fit in your baby bottles to stay temperature controlled. The separate pocket means that you will not risk spilling milk on your child’s clothes or diapers. With a back zipper, you will enjoy that you do not have to dig for what you need. Instead, this bag has compartments so that everything will be easily accessible. Side pockets are great for tech compartments.

Why we love it – This stylish multi-functional diaper bag comes in an eight color line up. The HaloVa company provides quality service including their lifetime warranty. They also offer an appealing risk-free purchase for 90 days. Providing ultimate versatility this bag will effortlessly hold everything you need for an easier outing. Having multiple ways to hold it this bag travels effortlessly as a backpack or handbag.

This is one of the best diaper bags for moms and dads planning longer outings. This large canvas bag comes with a matching small fold up changing pad making it one less thing you have to think about. The thinly striped soft cotton material is available in three different colors designed to be as fashionable as it is functional. With nine pockets this diaper bag is an organizers dream allowing you to never have to dig again.

Coming with easy to attach stroller straps this bag is incredibly versatile. With large tote handles and a crossbody strap, you are given multiple options for carrying this bag. With two large side pockets that are ideally sized for bottles, you are able to carry a lot with you. This bag even features a zippered back pocket that is a great area for dirty clothes or wet cloths.

Why we love it – This stylish yet practical large sized weekender baby bag should be at the top of your must-have list. With a 90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee, this is the perfect baby shower gift. With nine pockets around the bag, you are sure to be able to fit all you could need for your next outing. With stroller straps, tote handles and a crossbody strap this bag is the picture of functionality. The included changing mat perfectly matches the bag and is one less thing you will have to buy for your child.

The bold striped design of this bag is sure to make a statement of sophistication. Incorporating brown and black this purse is designed to perfectly match every outfit. The bag was designed to be stylish enough for urban city streets and yet functional enough to carry all your child’s needs. This bag features a low profile design allowing it to not add bulk to your day.

Coming with a matching changing pad that folds to fit perfectly inside the bag you now have everything you need for a successful trip out with your baby. With the crossbody strap, you have the choice to wear this bag on your shoulder using the tote handles or close to your body with the padded strap design. There are also stroller straps included with this bag allowing you to strap this bag to strollers and shopping carts to free your hands.

This bag features a 7 pocket design that allows you to perfectly organize your bag. Two meshed side pockets that are designed to fit bottles with ease. There are also two external pockets that allow you to store wet and dirty items away from the main pouch and also work well as tech compartments. Along with the large main pocket, you will also find two internal compartments that will work to separate your diapers from the rest of your toys and clothes packed to make them easy to grab.

Why we love it – Designed for the stylish on the go mamma this diaper bag looks more like a stylish purse with the added benefit of functionality. Hip Cub is so sure you will love this bag that they offer a 90 day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee to sweeten the deal. The cotton canvas design will sit soft on your skin and comfortable enough for everyday use.

You have probably not heard of Lekebaby, but their Large Tote Satchel Messenger Diaper Bag will make them a household name. It has been constructed of water repellent polyester and features faux leather handles. The 9 exterior pockets have a spot for everything including a special pocket for baby wipes. The 8 interior pockets are secured using a large high-quality zipper.

With a quality matching padded diaper mat that is included in this bag it is no surprise that diaper bag reviews are raving over this one. The straps are versatile and can be used in many positions. Lekebaby has even included stroller clips that can be attached to your stroller and can hold your keys on top of the bag. This is one of the top rated diaper bags in today’s markets making it an even smarter buy.

Why we love it – This Large Tote Diaper Bag from Lekebaby will be your favorite purchase. It has 15 pockets that will store and separate everything into their own area. This makes it perfect for long trips that you can bring absolutely everything you need. For shorter excursions, this bag is perfect for families with more than one kid. You can make sure everyone’s belongings have their own spot so you can quickly and easily find them.

This White Elm bag lives up to its weekender name. It is a stylish bag that can be used as a tote to carry all of your baby things for a weekend trip. The straps are designed as accents and feature smaller ones to carry as a tote and a larger one to sling over your shoulder. The best thing about this bag is it comes in 7 colors so you can get a couple to match different outfits. It trades the number of pockets for a larger size.

The 6 pockets are large enough to fit bulky items like breast pumps and even a stack of diapers. It also has a large opening so you have easy access to your items. You will spend less time looking for diapers and soothers and more time playing with your baby. Your friends will be jealous of this bag. Its design makes it feel more like a high-class purse rather than a diaper bag.

Why we love it – If you are a vegan this is the bag for you. It is made from vegan leather which is durable and stylish. This bag is also machine washable! No longer do you have to struggle to hand wash your diaper bag. Also, this bag features a magnetic snap closure to secure your belongings. You don’t have to struggle to unzip the pocket wasting your precious time.

This is a great baby bag for parents looking for a smaller yet functional option. Designed specifically for parents of toddlers that require fewer supplies, this compact design perfectly blends fashion with functionality. The zipper closure allows your stuff to stay secure while the multiple pockets work well for organization. The comfortable tote handles and stylish design allow this to be an everyday must-have item.

The detachable crossbody strap allows you to carry this bag in a way that is most comfortable for you. The bag also comes with a matching cushioned changing pad allowing you the freedom to change your little one anywhere. It is easy to wipe clean making it even more functional. Inside this bag, you will find an insulated bottle holder allowing you to store your baby’s bottles at the perfect temperature for easy feeding.

Why we love it – This beautifully striped Diaper bag comes in neutral colors to allow it to match your outfits perfectly. The smaller design allows you to carry more than a regular purse while still maintaining a low profile design. The insulated bottle holder and the matching changing pad makes this a quality diaper bag you won’t be able to resist.