2009 Skyway bridge jumpers

07.06.09, God Bless, St. Petersburg, FL., (07.05.09, 6:45am, male, used phones: no, hit rocks, died), God bless the fallen. His name was Judd, I’ve known him for over 18 years. He used to work at the Bar on the beach at Holiday Inn near the jumpsite (which he looked at the Skyway everyday). [personal info edited out] Never leave a depressed individual alone, they will find a way out.

05.29.09, A dear Friend who cries, Fl., I knew the "jumper" I won’t mention her name out of our friendship. She was a beautiful sweet 19 year old girl who had a very very had life. We tried to help. She was so sweet and kind to everyone.

But everyone in her life was not kind to her. She did not deserve the life she had. Unfortunately she did this. We love her. We miss her. She was not selfish she was hurting. A beautiful soul in a heartless situation. We did what we could but she was just too young and did not reach out for anyone this time. I hope she is in God’s hands. We will miss you baby. You will always be in our hearts.

05.29.09, anon, Bradenton, FL., I too, drive over the bridge daily and saw the abandoned silver car at the top of the bridge with two police cars behind it. I make the commute 4 days/week and it makes me so sad when I see abandoned cars. To think that someone chooses to jump off the bridge to end their life… and to also hear how painful it is in the process… no thanks. Don’t hurt your families… think of someone other than yourself and think twice… if you’re faced with the decision just wait another day or talk to someone. So sad!

05.30.09, A friend, The jumper was a very dear friend of mine. I will not use her name out of respect for the family. She was a beautiful 19 yo girl who had a life she didn’t deserve. We tried to help. But I guess it was just too much for her. She was a very giving and loving person. She never hurt anyone but I can’t say that about the people she was around. Her smile was the best. She will be dearly missed and in our hearts forever. We love you "C" I wish you would have called. I would have been there no matter what. BTW, it wasn’t a selfish decision, she was truely troubled. I feel sad. Please pray for the family.

05.30.09, Brandie, Bradenton, Fl., I just want to say that some of you have no idea how it feels to get to that point in your life that you feel there is just no other option but to take your own life. The young woman who jumped yesterday morning was a beautiful girl with a promising future but an easy life she did not have. And her personal life was troubled. It is very sad that this time she felt she could not reach out for help, and it is very sad that anyone here could consider her selfish when you do not know her pain. There is no greater pain then the pain one suffers when they feel they have run out of options. I weep not only for her family but I weep for this beautiful soul that some of you have critisized for her exetreme desire to be pain free. She did not deserve judgement she deserved your condolences and prayers. God Bless you "C" and may you now rest in peace and harmony and be pain free.

unknown date, anon, ··· Cadi was a beautiful girl with great qualities such as patience, kindness all coupled with an ability to understand people’s problems. Only thing was, she sacrificed herself, because she didn’t quite understand her own problems. I will always love her with all of my heart. I think of her every day and it hurts that she is not here to see her little sister grow. ··· She was confused about some issues she had going on, got trashed and jumped from the center span of the skyway. If she had only spoke to someone she would have realized how petty those problems were.

07.27.09, Ed, St.Pete, Hello: I’m in shock disbelief of how many people are jumping from that bridge. And we never hear about it. All those souls are very sad to think about. However; when a kid like Arcadia Miriam Moyer ends her life, it’s really bad. Is there anymore info about the facts leading up to the jump? Nine-teen yrs. old! I have a bird that’s 20! (we’ve been across that bridge many times. there is no way we could imagine stepping off of it. who knows what drives a person to do so? what hell is created within one’s mind that forces them to end their own life like this at 19? luckily, most of us will never live that hell.)