2017 Honda cr-v high oil level with gas in oil 63 complaints

After reading about this problem on carcomplaints.com and CRVForums, I checked my vehicle and sure enough, the oil smelled like 87 octane gasoline. I had minimal oil overfill, less than 1/4 inch on the dipstick, but the gasoline smell was very strong. I try to never take drives without warming my vehicles thoroughly and live in SoCal, so I’m probably on the lesser end of the problem with gasoline accumulation.

I talked to the service rep at my dealership and she had never heard of this problem, but another service rep overheard our conversation and acknowledged he talked to another customer with the problem.

They had nothing from Honda to deal with this problem. I’ve read Honda’s plan to deal with the problem in Canada and seven northern US states, but no help published for the rest of the US.

Honda knows this is a big deal (China banned sales of CR-Vs until this is fixed), but sadly, they know there is no one in the US government with cajones big enough to force a fix for all buyers of the Civics and CR-Vs with the 1.5T engine. I’m very suspect Honda’s fix to change the direct injection and CVT such that it will stop fuel from bypassing the rings and diluting the oil.

Three weeks ago, I pulled into traffic when my CR-V came to a near stop, lights on the dash came on. I barely made it to the berm without getting hit by a dump truck. Could easily have been killed or caused a horrible accident. The car would go no more than 3 mph forward or backward. I shut the car off and restarted it, and finished my trip without mishap. Upon hearing of this problem Honda is denying, I checked my oil and found it overfull with the strong smell of gasoline. I had it rechecked by a technician at an AutoZone. He confirmed.

When I called Honda America, I was told I probably had my foot on the gas and brake at the same time! Sorry, just because I am female doesn’t mean I don’t know how to drive. He, my local Honda dealer service technician and a Honda technician where I had traveled all seemed to think that they could get away with denying the problem and accusing me of driving incorrectly. When I told them this problem is all over the internet with a class action suit, they relented and each said they had seen "a couple", then it turned into a few, then when I had the oil changed in Muncy, PA the service manager there told me no charge-they actually have a process for dealing with these cases! They send the bills to Honda Americal! Apparently they have seen more than a couple. Has Honda coached the dealerships to deny, deny, deny?

I took it to the dealer where we purchased it last January with 9 miles on it and they pretty much played the whole thing down like it is not their fault so don’t be mad at them. When I showed the service manager pic I took with my phone of the dipstick clean and then again with the high oil level his remark was "that doesn’t even look like a Honda dipstick" OMG REALLY?????? I was dumbfounded and then requested a free oil change as Honda should be more than willing to pay for as this is a MAJOR issue and at this point our only line of defense in protecting our engines that probably already have damage! I was told they will NOT cover it and there is no fix yet for it. WOW!!! Way to stand behind your products Honda!

This was my third Honda CRV in the past 13 years and I LOVED this vehicle and to now have this happen is just so sad and stressful. I called Honda America to file a claim and was told they will get back to me about getting more frequent oil changes at their cost.( Not holding my breath on when that call will come )They also apologized for the problem and they are well aware of this issue and are trying to find a fix. TOO LATE this Honda lover has had her eyes wide open. No more Honda’s in my future unless they recall these engines and replace them with new ones. I am also irate that in China the government made them do a recall and banned their sales as soon as they were aware of this issue but here they were allowed to just keep selling them to trusting consumers who still weren’t notified even after Honda KNEW this was happening. Shame on them!

I called American Honda, they told me to get the oil changed right away, any dealership, I made a appt. and took the cr v in and this is the most BS I ever heard! your oil life is 60% you do not need a change also we pulled the dip-stick and it was 1" over the orange end, He said wow someone over filled your oil, I said your dealership? I mentioned the information about the oil problems on the 1.5 engine He said "never heard of it"I said please change the oil and filter and document it , well it took 2.5 hours for the job and they charged me for 5 Quarts of oil the 1.5 uses 3.5 liters or 3.6 quarts! never 5 quarts.double insult! great Dealership

I asked about the damage the oil and gas mix did to the engine? No Comment! We bought this Honda for reliability and good gas mileage and now We may get rid of it after Nov if they do not make good on this problem .shame on Honda and their Earth Dreams Engines! As a side note We live in southern Ca. and drive both freeway and city streets..not short trips