2017 Yamaha scr950 – first ride what is the purpose of bitcoin

2017 yamaha SCR950 – first ride

Yamaha has been on fire recently, with multiple new models released just in the last few months. They’ve given us the XSR900, FZ-10, a revised FJR (alright, it’s not new but the changes were necessary and a long time coming), and now, a variation of the bolt.

When yamaha introduced the bolt for the 2014 model year, they designed it to be a platform from which several other models could be created. Sales of the bolt have been excellent, and yamaha has since released the C-spec (cafe racer inspired) and the R-spec (up spec’d with remote-reservoir rear shocks and special paint).

This year we get another variant of the bolt called the SCR950 – but I suspect that yamaha might bring themselves some grief with that name.

SCR obviously stands for scrambler, and that’s not an apt description of this motorcycle.What is the purpose of bitcoin I can already see comments complaining that it lacks a high exhaust pipe, that the 547-pound wet weight is too much, or that there’s not enough ground clearance or suspension travel. I guess that’s fair, because this isn’t a scrambler, it’s a bolt that’s scrambler-inspired. Problem is, if I sell you a brick of gold and you later find out it’s actually pyrite, I don’t think you’ll be pleased if my explanation is that it was gold-inspired.

Despite all that, I think you should ignore the name because the SCR950 is the best offering in the bolt model line – I just wish they called it something like the bolt X-spec.

Yamaha SCR950 – gray corner more

The issue on dirt is the 2.8 inches of travel in the rear suspension, which is simply inadequate. At speed, even moderate bumps resulted in a violent metallic sound from the rear, a shiver up my spine, and a variety of curse words out of my mouth.What is the purpose of bitcoin it’s not just off-road, either – rider beware of potholes in your average poorly-maintained city street. Thankfully, and as I mentioned before, it is surprisingly easy and comfortable to stand on this bike so you can minimize the trauma.

Looking a bit lower on the SCR, I was satisfied with the 298mm wave rotor brakes. Initial bite was good, and while they would have better feedback in a perfect world, I don’t consider this to be a big issue. I was also satisfied with the OEM tires, which are bridgestone trail wings (19-inch front, 17-inch rear). They are well suited for the approximately 95 percent pavement, 5 percent dirt riding that yamaha expects these bikes to go through. If I had to nitpick, the trail wings are loud: in 5th gear at 65 miles per hour, the tire noise was more audible than the exhaust.What is the purpose of bitcoin howling on pavement is expected with dual-sport tires but these are definitely some of the noisiest examples I’ve encountered.

Yamaha SCR950 – tailight more

Looking toward the future, yamaha expects the SCR to be a base for customization. To that end, there may be plans for the SCR950 to be featured in yamaha’s yard built program, and I’m looking forward to seeing what riders make happen with this platform. Verdict

Think back to the first time you took a street bike on a fire road. Did you feel like a badass? Or were you just glad you didn’t hurt yourself? Either way, I think the SCR950 does a good job making that experience more accessible. If you’re really looking for what most riders consider a scrambler, I think the ground clearance and suspension travel will leave you wanting, despite the SCR name.What is the purpose of bitcoin but if you’re realistic needs are for something you can commute with during the week, and then explore well-maintained dirt roads on the weekend, then this bike deserves a test ride. The riding position is just about perfect and the OEM tires will ensure that you have a great time filling up your instagram profile with moto-camping photos from local national parks.

To sum things up, I think the SCR is pretty, nimble, and very easy to ride. The price is right, too – the SCR950 is already available at your local yamaha dealer for $8,699. Just don’t be surprised if you hear me call it the bolt X-spec!