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Dose of reality university of michigan medical school student blog

What I soon learned is that while med school has more material with a new syllabus every few weeks instead of every few months as in undergrad, there is also more flexibility in our M1 year to study as we

Donald trump wants to choke chinese tech growth. an import ban could do the opposite. –

Last August, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 was signed into law. It contained the Export Control Reform Act of 2018 (ECRA), which granted the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) of the Commerce Department permanent authority

Stage select start game exp state of anarchy master of mayhem (ns)

State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem is a top down twin-stick shooter that is similar in mechanics to the first two Grand Theft Auto games, as well as Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the Nintendo DS. The game is made up of

Doctor grumpy in the house seen in a chart

A while back, there was an error on my chart indicating I was a smoker. I was not, am not, and never have been a user of tobacco products. When automated charting and sharing among practices became more common, I

Dmg blockchain a briefing on mining operations the deep dive

You read that right. 6,500 mining rigs are on order to be delivered in the next one to two months. With the current delays seen with the delivery of these mining servers across the industry, we can likely push that


Ls, who function below stressful situations in an ethically sensitive ward, can counteract the adverse sides of function as well such a degree that they knowledge happiness. The collection of information was primarily based on the ethnographic fieldwork, as well

Dilshad tandoori some say use 2 sata per riser, some say hell no!!

Repeating dreams may be troubling. Money may aid distinct folks lives. It’s not soul – enhancing, it’s not imaginative and it doesn’t broaden the head. A continuing dream is just not going to stop till you face whatever it’s that

Dissecting malicious network traffic to identify botnet communication forensic focus – articles

Botnets are well-known in the domains of information security, digital forensics and incident response for hosting illegal data, launching DDOS attacks, stealing information, spamming, bitcoin mining, spreading ransomware, launching brute force attacks, managing remote access to connected devices, and even

What is e-commerce software analysis of features, benefits and pricing –

• Software as a Service. SaaS or hosted solution is technically the hands-off option since all updates, patches, and newly-released features are done automatically or with one-click integrations. Hosted e-commerce software has evolved dramatically to allow wide customization and flexibility, previously

Difference between 1080p vs 1080n

So, we have heard of 720P. We’ve heard of 1080P. Maybe you’ve heard talk of 1080i. And there are many more that swim around the pond, now we are hearing about 1080N. Whats the ‘N’ stand for? This article highlights

Dha valley islamabad project details, location, prices, maps, future

DHA Valley Islamabad is a joint venture of DHA Islamabad, Bahria Town Islamabad, and Habib Rafiq (pvt) Limited. The society is meant to provide a luxurious living to average people by developing a secured gated community with parks, commercial shopping

Destroy bitcoin. smash the mining rigs bowblog

Bitcoin (and its many mutations and outgrowths) is a planetary-scale mistake, a whiny tech-bro fantasy and an environmental catastrophe that’s already happening. A sane world would pass a UN resolution, add a Bitcoin annexe to the Paris agreement, reclassify the

Detroit, mi 2018 secureworld

With increasing numbers of high profile breaches, focusing on securing the perimeter is no longer sufficient. New traffic types and the proliferation of diverse end-points along with increased mobility and wireless access fuels a dramatic increase in untrusted traffic entering

Department of public works and transportation – map and route information

Customer Service is very important to the Department of Public Works & Transportation (DPW&T) Our Certified Community Transit Managers (CCTM’s) and rural community-based transit program accomplishes an essential mobility mission of the County, connecting people, communities, workplaces, educational institutions, recreational

Department of posts information

The Government of Sri Lanka is exempted by law from any liability arising from reason of the loss, misdelivery, delay of, or damage to, any postal article in course of transmission by post, except so far as such liability has