25.12.17 Dark Web and Cybercrime Roundup bitcoin price stock

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Amphetamine dealer gets two years of probation

In a bavarian courtroom, 21-year-old simon K.’s “promising future” encouraged a judge to hand down a lenient sentence for drug trafficking. The 21-year-old had partnered up with an older colleague to sell ecstasy and amphetamine from the darknet. K. Told the court that he had a drug addiction problem and that part of the motivation for the drug distribution was that it supported his habit.

K. And his accomplice got busted after a darknet vendor mailed them a package but forgot to properly apply adequate postage. The amphetamine pack landed at the address the vendor had used as the package’s return address. In turn, the recipient notified the police and an investigation began.

With his address on the package, the police easily found K and his accomplice.Bitcoin price stock

Even though the charge carried a minimum sentence that required time behind bars, K. Left the courtroom with a two-year probation sentence. DeepDotWeb

Leakbase shutdown might be connected to hansa bust

The dutch national police ended the hansa darknet marketplace and the lul.To illegal ebook sharing site during a single operation in mid-2017. They may have secretly busted another illegal market, a source told brian krebs. The stolen password site “leakbase” unexpedly went offline and redirected users to haveibeenpwned.Com. While no concrete evidence exists to back up the claim, brian krebs is rarely wrong.

The source who spoke to krebs said that the second set of leakbase owners “dabbled” in drug distribution. (leakbase changed hands at some point in 2017.) according to the source, the leakbase takedown had ties to operation bayonet, the operation where dutch national police took down the hansa darknet market.Bitcoin price stock if the source’s claims are correct, the leakbase owners likely—at a minimum—vended on hansa. DeepDotWeb

Alphabay counterfeit vendor “VIB” busted in austria

Months after operation bayonet and the takedown of alphabay, austrian authorities busted alphabay counterfeit euro vendor “VIB.” austrian police actually caught four suspects in connection with the VIB counterfeiting account on alphabay. The primary suspect, a 25-year-old family man, established a counterfeiting workshop and recruited other members of his so-called “gang.” as the leader of the group, the family man aka “VIB” or “very important bills” received a 33-month prison sentence.

Together with the three co-conspirators—another 25-year-old, a 23-year-old, and a younger student—VIB turned only a small profit. They set up a print shop in the landstraße district and started printing 50-euro notes.Bitcoin price stock they sold the notes on dream and later on alphabay for eight euros apiece. One of their repeat customers ended the counterfeiting ring’s brief operation. The police caught him using fake euros that he had bought from the group in landstraße. Officers connected the dots and raided the print shop.

Months later, at their sentencing hearings, judges handed down sentences that matched the role each member played in the organization. The leader caught the longest sentence at 33 months behind bars. The second 25-year-old received a prison sentence of 27 months behind bars, the 23-year-old got hit with 21 months, and the “repeat customer” lucked out with only 14 months. DeepDotWeb

DarknetMarketsNoobs guide on openbazaar and whonix

A moderator of several cryptomarket subreddits known as “wombat2combat” wrote an “extensive openbazaar guide” with a whonix install in mind.Bitcoin price stock with the recent trend of darknet markets lasting only months at a time, decentralized alternatives only increase in appeal. However, openbazaar is a partial dead zone. More vendors need to open up personal OB shops and more buyers need to find and use OB shops.

In order to successfully install and configure openbazaar, users must put in more time and effort than they would when signing up and using a new darknet marketplace. Users write guides to make the process simpler to understand and hopefully increase the openbazaar adoption rate. DarknetMarketsNoobs bible

OpenBazaar shops in the /r/dnmsuperlist vendor-shop list

Mods of the darknet market subreddit /r/dnmsuperlist decided to add vendor’s openbazaar store links to the vendor-shop list. The list currently contains all of the personal shops belonging to vendors, such as charlieuk or dutchdrugz.Bitcoin price stock now, in the spirit of making openbazaar a more favorable and user accessible option, vendor shops will be added to the list of verified vendor shops.

Some restrictions apply, though. In order to prevent an influx of scams through fraudsters setting up fake shops, only established vendors can add their site to the list. (also, the /r/darkbazaar subreddit works similarly.)

Woman used darknet hitman service in failed murder plot

A woman in denmark faced charges connected to the attempted killing of her italian boyfriend. According to information unveiled in court, the UK’s NCA notified italian police of the (likely faked) murder plot. Italian police notified authorities in denmark that the suspect, a 58-year-old north zealand woman had hired a ‘hitman’ on the darknet site “crimebay.”

The 58-year-old emanuela consortini received a six year prison sentence for hiring the hitman, even though the maintained her innocence throughout the trial’s entirety.Bitcoin price stock her lawyer argued that the site was likely fake and that no harm would have come to the boyfriend in italy. The lyngby court found consortini guilty of attempted killing. She claimed that a another man had hired the hitman using her computer. The defendant protested the conviction on the spot. DeepDotWeb

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