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For home depot, the opportunity is less about rapid growth — 90% of americans live within 10 miles of a home depot store — and more about continuing its long-term strategy of steady growth and market-share expansion. One of its major initiatives is one home depot, its omnichannel strategy to align e-commerce and bricks/mortar. The company says it’s paying off: online sales make up more than 6% of the company’s total and are growing, with many of those orders being picked up at local stores.

As a more mature company, home depot is also ramping up its returns of cash to shareholders. It only yields around 1.7% at recent prices, but management has more than doubled the dividend over the past five years and intends to continue raising it, as long as the economic environment generates earnings to support that.How to invest in gold etf india

with a payout ratio below 50%, there’s a wide margin of safety built in that should keep the dividend secure, even if the economy turns south and hurts earnings for a period of time.

Trex, like home depot, is the biggest player in its space, commanding nearly half of the wood-alternative-decking market. It also has steadily increased its market share for years. But there’s one major difference in their investment stories: trex is a high-growth opportunity. Since 2010, it has doubled sales, but only surpassed $500 million in revenues last year. Even with a commanding share of alt-wood decking, there’s room to grow much bigger, since trex’s decking accounts for far less than 10% of total (wood included) board feet of decking sold in north america. On a global basis, trex has even less presence.How to invest in gold etf india

Trex has another functional advantage: its status as a green product. Trex products are made from recycled materials and designed to last for decades without the annual application of chemical treatments and stains that wood decking requires. As a result, more younger, environmentally conscious homeowners will gravitate to trex.

Over the past 40 years, nucor has steadily expanded its operations to become the biggest steelmaker in north america, and made shareholders a fortune. The secret to the company’s success? First, it has a business model that helps it operate profitably during the ups and downs of the steel cycle, while its peers struggle. And second, nucor has had incredibly talented ceos during this period, who have allocated the company’s capital very effectively. That strategy still pays off today and should continue well into the future.How to invest in gold etf india

As things stand today, steel demand is strong in the segments and markets that nucor participates in, though pressure from imports has weighed on steel prices and hurt domestic producers on and off for a number of years. Nucor has been less impacted by this than its domestic peers because of its operational flexibility, but it has had an affect on the bottom line.

The good news is the federal government has taken some action, and is on track to take more. Much of this imported steel is being illegally subsidized by its country of origin, artificially deflating prices and giving importers an unfair advantage beyond their actual abilities to compete. The company’s guidance for its fourth-quarter earnings, which will be released on january 30, reflects the pressure of imports on the current market, but management is optimistic that trade balance is on track to being restored as prices are starting to increase and imports are starting to decline in some product segments.How to invest in gold etf india

Tariffs on a number of steel imports have already been implemented, and more are coming. This should improve prices and drive higher volumes for domestic steel. Combined, that’s a double boost for nucor’s bottom line down the road. Factor in the recent cut in U.S. Corporate tax rates, and nucor’s earnings could be substantially higher in another year or two. Shares may look pricey at 20 times trailing earnings, but as steel prices and imported market share normalizes, nucor is primed to profit. A turnaround story worth investing in

Only a few years back, bank of america was a mess. The megabank had billions of dollars in bad loans on its books, and billions more in legal headaches coming out of the financial crisis. It was also generally regarded by many people as exactly what was wrong with american financial institutions, since thousands of the bank’s mortgage customers were harmed by the bank, its subsidiaries, or its acquired companies’ lending practices.How to invest in gold etf india

Fast-forward to today, and bofa has been one of the best turnaround stories in banking. Its balance sheet has improved, it’s a few years removed from its legal problems stemming from the housing crisis and bad acquisitions, and its operating results are starting to drive better financial returns. This has been a boon for patient shareholders:

Qualcomm has been seeking to walk a fine line between resisting broadcom’s acquisition approach, which it says undervalues it and is fraught with regulatory risks, and demonstrating to shareholders and proxy advisory firms such as ISS that it is willing to engage to secure a better deal if possible. In a report published late on friday, ISS recommended to qualcomm shareholders that they vote for four out of the six board director nominees that broadcom has put forward for election at qualcomm’s shareholder meeting on march 6.How to invest in gold etf india