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The supreme court thursday blocked the tamil nadu government’s order to release seven convicts in the rajiv gandhi assassination case in what is seen as a tug-of-war between the center and the southern state ruled by jayalalitha’s AIADMK, which is inimical to congress party. Although the apex court’s order to the tamil nadu government covered only three convicts whose death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment feb 18, it would apply to the other four as well as the court said it was examining the larger issue of procedural lapse. Solicitor general mohan prasaran said the central govern- ment’s application named only three convicts but other four too would be impacted by the o rder. Ordering status quo, a bench of chief justice P. Sathasivam, justice ranjan gogoi and justice N.V.

Ramana said it would examine the pr oc ed ur al la ps es in th e tam il na du go ve rn me nt ‘s de ci si on to release within three days the three convicts along with four others in the case.U s anti money laundering laws justice sathasivam said:

Manan trivedi, a democratic ph ys ic ia n fr om philadelphia, has filed his candidacy for pennsylvania’s 6th district seat in the US house of representatives. Trivedi, who has run unsuccessfully twice bef ore in 201 0 and 201 2, decided to give it a third try after republican incum- be nt re p. Ji m ge rl ac h decided not run for re-elec- tion this november. So far, trivedi’s only competition is fellow democrat mike parrish, a former republican who is a local busine ssman. Both he and trivedi have something else in common: a military ba ck gr ou nd , as tr iv ed i served in the iraq war nearly 10 years ago as a battalion surgeon. Speaking with local news outlet philly.Com, the 39 year-old trivedi said that he’s running because “this is a great opportunity to get a refreshing change in the district.” trivedi has a host of endorsements from state senators and local luminar- ies, and is just now starting to raise funds for his cam- paign, but it will b e a tough hill to climb to beat parrish.U s anti money laundering laws the latter was recently endorsed by for- mer speaker of the house nan cy pel osi and cur ren t rep. Robert brady (D-PA).

To recognize the successful indians globally and to celebrate their achievements, TIMES NOW, india’s no. 1 english news channel from times group, has announced its new initiative awarding successful nris. This award is open to any NRI, OC or PIO who has resided in USA, canada, singapore, UK, and the middle east for a minimum of 2 years and will have a five tier evaluation process managed by ernst Y oung. The first edition of the times now ICICI bank NRI of the year awards powered by global indian international school (GIIS) will be held at a glittering ceremony in mumbai in march 2014. All episodes of the awards including winner profiles wil l be broadcast on times now in its global feeds in over 75 countries. The final awards show will also be broadcast in india.U s anti money laundering laws the awards will be given in six categories – entrepreneur, professional, student, A rts/ entertainment, philanthropy and social good and contribution to india. The nomi- nations process was supported by various organizations around the world including federation of indian associations (FIA), singapore india chamber of commerce and industry, UK india business council, british asian physicians of indian origin (BAPIO) tie, singapore, and the india club, dubai. Sunil lulla, managing director and CEO of times television network said, “we are proud to announce times now’s initiative to recognize and award the excellent work done by NRI’s around the world. We hope we can build this into a truly unique global event in the times to come.” na ve en ch an dr a, th e he ad of international business, times television ne tw or k ad de d, “we ha ve re ce iv ed a tremendous response for the first ever NRI of the year awards – both from supporting organizations globally and the sponsors.U s anti money laundering laws our intensive marketing effort will help us receive a record number of nominations from participant countries.” there is no exaggeration in saying that with their grit and perseverance, nris have achieved tremendous success in vari- ous fields in their adopted countries. Many of them are accomplished politicians, sci- entists, businessmen, professionals, acade- micians and entertainers.

D.R. Mehta, the founder of bhagwan mahaveer viklang sahayata samiti (BMVSS), know the world over for devising the jaipur foot, was felicitated at a dinner at the indian consulate in new york in the presence of amb. Dnyaneshwar M. Mulay, the consul general of india. Among those in attendance were rajasthan association of north america (RANA) president, dr. Narendra hadpawat, diamond and colorstone association president, mehul shah, and some other jewelers commu- nity leaders.U s anti money laundering laws BMVSS is the largest such organization in the world, serving the disabled people by providing artificia l limbs, calipers, and other aids and appliances, free of charge not only in india, but also in 27 countries in the world such as afghanistan, pakistan, somalia and iraq. Besides the limb, BMVSS provides beneficia ries with economic support and means of livelihood. The jaipur foot is known for transforming the lives of thousands of land mine amputees. With the help of the jaipur foot, an amputee can walk, sit, run, and even climb a tree. Nearly 1.4 mil- lion people have been bene- fitted by BMVSS. BMVSS believes that sen- timents and compassion must be fused with science and technology. It has tie ups with leading universities for RD. In collaboration with stanford university, BMVSS has designed a self- lubricating knee joint, which replicates natural joints’ movements.U s anti money laundering laws working with MIT, scientists have designed a unique wheel- chair-cum-tricycle. Time magazine hailed the stanford jaipur knee as one of the 50 best inventions of the world in 2009. BMVSS founder mr mehta is a recip- ient of padma bhushan, CNBC award for social enterprise, and the mother teresa memorial award. But the former chairman of securities and exchange board (SEBI) of india and RBI deputy governor says that the satisfaction he gets witnessing the smile of a pe rs on wh o ge ts up an d walks with the help of jaipur foot is his ultimate award. Mr mehta has inspired people like vibhor dhadda, a student in new jersey who coordinated mehta’s itiner- ary in the US and has been associated with BMVSS since 2012. Says dhadda, “looking into the eyes of peo ple BMV SS hel ps and trying to really feel what the amputees were going through was traumatic, and I knew I could not go on with my life as usual.U s anti money laundering laws I had to do my part.”

California’s indian-american attorney general kamala harris, has filed her papers for re- election. So far, so good, said harris, who is so far run- ning unopposed, after fil- ing the papers with san francisco’s department of elections last week. The deadline is march 7, so we’ll see, she was quoted as saying by local san francisco appeal. Harris, 48, daughter of an indian mother and an african-american father, pr ev io us ly se rv ed tw o terms as san francisco’s district attorney before winning her current seat in 2010. As of jan 31, harris had reported more than $3.1 million in campaign funds – $2.5 million of which was raised in 2013, accord- ing to the california secretary of state’s office. Harris said her strong fundraising totals reflect that people support the work she has done over the past four years. She said she hopes to continue work in areas including human traffick- ing, privacy rights, home- owner foreclosure relief and criminal justice reforms aimed at reducing recidivism among criminal offenders.U s anti money laundering laws harris counts president barack obama among her friends. Last april, obama caused a stir by calling her as by far the best-looking attorney general. Later he apologized to her for remarks that some branded sexist. She’s brilliant and she’s dedicated, she’s tough… She also happens to be, by far, the best looking attor- ney general, obama said according to a transcript pr ov id ed by th e wh it e house only to cause a nationwide flutter among the chatterati.