5 Easy ways to create shutterfly photo albums for free

The fact that I can create beautiful photo albums online to preserve family memories is a joy to me. A couple years ago, I decided to start creating 8×8 photo books for every vacation we went on. I decided to use Shutterfly for several reasons. (Please note that I am a Shutterfly affiliate now, but I was using them long before I became an affiliate, simply because I love their photo books so much!)

One of the main reasons I chose Shutterfly is that there are countless ways to get free books with them. I have created a dozen of these 8×8 books for myself – and printed extra copies for others – and the most I’ve ever spent on a book is $1.99.

Almost all of them have actually been free! Considering that these hardcover books normally cost $29.99, I am saving a lot by creating Shutterfly photo albums for free! Yes, I have paid shipping, but the cost of $7.99 shipping for a beautiful book is well worth it to me.

The first way is the most obvious. Several times a year, Shutterfly will release codes for free 8×8 books. The trick is that these codes are usually only good for a couple days. If you have a book already made, this is the perfect time to redeem it. I try to create my photo books when I have the time and wait for a free book offer. Find the current free offers and deals at Shutterfly here! 2. Join rewards programs like My Coke Rewards to earn free Shutterfly books.

One of my favorite ways to earn Shutterfly books is through My Coke Rewards. If you don’t drink Coke, ask friends who do to save their points for you. I keep a bag full of Coke caps and redeem them when I see a good Shutterfly offer that I want. Pampers Gifts to Grow is another rewards program that lets you earn free Shutterfly products. 3. Get your Kohls bill delivered in the mail.

We switched back from electronic bills to paper for this very reason. I’ve heard from several different Kohls members that they receive Shutterfly freebies almost every month in the mail, whether they have a balance on their bill or not! I don’t know what sort of partnership Kohls and Shutterfly have, but I’ll always take free photo books. 4. Sign up for Kelloggs Family Rewards emails.

If you are a member of Kelloggs Family Rewards, you will receive free Shutterfly offers in your email at least every other month or so. In the past year, I’ve gotten a free photo book, a free calendar, a free notepad, a free set of address labels and a free magnet. I haven’t redeemed all of them (because you are still responsible for shipping) but I have redeemed the free photo book and calendar. 5. Sign up for emails from Joann’s Fabric.

Whether you shop regularly at Joann’s or not, join the Joann’s Fabric email list. Joann’s is another great source of free Shutterfly coupons! I receive a code for a free Shutterfly product of some sort (including books) at least once every two months. It’s a great reason to be on their mailing list! 6. Bid for free Shutterfly books on Ebay.

This final way does cost a tiny bit of money but did you know that many people sell their free Shutterfly codes on Ebay? Most of the time, I create a book and wait for a free code offer to come along. Every once in awhile, I can’t wait so I look on Ebay. I’ve been able to buy a free book code for as little as $0.99 or $1.99. Compared to the $29.99 price tag, this is still a great source of savings. Most of the sellers are willing to email you the code so you have it instantly. Do read the fine print carefully before you buy!