$5 Million per btc equals a little over 100 trillion usd market cap… _ bitcoin register bitcoin

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I only think that we are JUST beginning to figure out a true face value for this technology to be effective. In order for bitcoin to reach 100 trillion USD market cap, each individual bitcoin will have to sell for 4,761,904.76 and even THAT is conservative, considering that there are some BTC that’s already lost, or unrecoverable.Register bitcoin so coinbase selling BTC for ~~$800 is a steal. Really it is. The exchanges will be richer than banks. This is why governments fear the threat of BTC, and other emerging cryptocurrencies pose to their business model. It has the potential to redistribute wealth on such a mass scale. Especially when businesses adopt it. The early adopters, they will be the ones who profit the most. This is why government are trying to nip it in the bud. They don’t want this technology to scale to that size, especially if they can’t control it. HUMANS! We have the potential to truly change this world, and fix a lot of the problems we face. Regulations won’t kill this. It will grow, and it won’t stop growing. This technology has the potential to perpetually redistribute wealth, forever. Stick with bitcoin for the long haul.Register bitcoin i promise you, you will not regret it, ever. Period.

I originally posted this as a comment to this reddit post

Http://www.Reddit.Com/r/bitcoin/comments/1wsc6h/what are the odds bitcoin soars to 100000/


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Obviously $5m per BTC overnight is unrealistic, but in 4 or 5 years, this figure might be looking more realistic. I don’t care what stock you own, what portfolio you have, i promise you it did not appreciate 5000% last year the way bitcoin has. Humans are rather finicky, if we see S-curve models pointing upwards, we say, this is too good to be true, and take our money out. If you’re a seasoned veteran, you sell when it peaks, and buy back at an exceptional discount when it depreciates exceptionally. This attracts attention of new investors. New investors maintain the norm for a couple of months.Register bitcoin repeat cycle. There is always money to be made. That’s why on reddit, you’ll always hear from the naysayers, and speculators. They want the market to crash, to buy back their btc cheap. Btc is designed for perpetual growth. Combine it with the fact that it’s convertible into the most popular currencies around the world, and this means that the growth is coming from all around the world. Call me crazy, but $800 is a bargain. 2013 was the first year that i want to say institutional size investors got on board. We’re going to see more and more for years to come. Here’s a decent read/video


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So? You’ve still not justified the 100 trillion.Register bitcoin you’ve just said bitcoin would be useful at $100 trillion. Well yes, but it’s useful at $10 trillion, $1 trillion and $100 billion too. Why not any of those numbers as your target?

I don’t disagree that bitcoin would be useful at 100 trillion market cap. What has that got to do with a justification for why bitcoin will have a 100 trillion market cap?

Global assets, that’s including all non-liquid assets like factories, land, art, etc, are estimated to be about $200 trillion; so you are saying that you think half of world assets are going to be liquidated from their current form and converted to bitcoin? You’ll forgive me if I think that sounds a tad on the optimistic side.

Bitcoin can certainly be successful, and I’m optimistic too. But I think it’s better to be realistic in estimates like these.Register bitcoin bitcoin reaching $50,000 would be an absolutely amazing achievement and would put it on a par with other large asset classes; and would likely change the world — and yet is within the realms of possibility. $5,000,000 per coin is just made up nonsense.

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This technology is in it’s infancy. When the reward halves again, i think that’s when we’re going to see any kind of major increase in price.

No. The halving is known to be going to happen so will be priced in in advance. Just as it was last time. Look at the price charts for when it happened — price didn’t move any more than any other day.

I would cite 5 million per BTC as a long term valuation (+10 years)

You keep saying that; but you don’t offer any source for where you’re getting your numbers from.Register bitcoin you’re just making them up. $5m based on what? Wealth isn’t just going to appear, it’s got to come from somewhere — tell me where you think this $100 trillion of wealth is going to come from? Which other asset is going to decrease in value, in order that bitcoin increases? $100 trillion is one hell of a decrease in whatever asset you’re picking.

I wouldn’t get too caught up with the 5 million figure. That’s my personal number that i’d feel comfortable cashing out at

I’m not worried specifically about $5m exactly. It’s order of magnitude that matters. $1m, $5m or $9m — I’d have the same concern. You don’t seem to have got $5m from anywhere.

For bitcoin to be worth $5m per coin, someone has to be willing to pay that for them. Why will they do that? Demand will have to be high, which means someone will be willing to sell $5m worth of another asset in exchange for one bitcoin — which asset do you think they are going to sell?Register bitcoin which asset is going to be so much not in demand that the price of bitcoin will shoot so high?

Perhaps you’re measuring your price in 2024 dollars. But given that we don’t know what they’re going to be worth in 2014 dollars, your $5m would then been even more meaningless.

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