5Th annual gar live dubai – thursday, 15 november 2018

With over 45 years specialisation, Anthony is a leading adviser in engineering and construction law. He acts for developers, funders, contractors, major sub contractors and consultants across the entire commercial development spectrum. Anthony undertakes contract drafting and amendments and advises on procurement methodology as well as on bond, guarantee, warranty and insurance documentation. In the UAE market, Anthony advises extensively on the FIDIC model forms of constructor contracts and consultant appointments. He represents clients in all aspects of dispute resolution, including in court, arbitration, conciliation, mediation and adjudication, both onshore and internationally.

He is a specialist, both as Counsel in construction cases in the UAE courts and as Counsel and advocate in arbitration, under DIAC, DIFC/LCIA ADCCAC and ICC rules. He has acted in numbers of cases before the Dubai World Tribunal that was set up following the world financial crises to manage the indebtedness of Dubai World and its various subsidiaries. Most recently, Anthony has accepted appointments as Arbitrator and Adjudicator and has led a number of Mediations for his construction Clients.Anthony holds a law degree and MA from Cambridge University and is qualified as a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales. He is a member of the English Law Society and an occasional lecturer for Construction Management Masters Courses at Universities in Dubai. Close

Dr. Nagla Nassar is Senior Partner at NassarLaw which was established in 1885. Before joining NassarLaw she was Senior partner at a leading Egyptian Law firm, which she joined upon her return from the World Bank where she was with the ICSID Secretariat. She graduated from Cairo University and Trinity College where she got her M. Litt and has an LL.M from Harvard University as well as a PhD from Geneva University and the Diploma of The Hague Academy in Private International Law. She has several publications relating to arbitral practice.

She has practiced in several jurisdictions and is a member of several bars and arbitration forums including being a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators with many years of experience both as an arbitrator and counsel in institutional and ad hoc arbitration. She acted as counsel in many major disputes in different fields serving both multinationals and Egyptian entities. Also, Dr. Nassar is appointed frequently as an arbitrator and has chaired many tribunals. Close

The arrival of a host of new technological tools poses both challenges and opportunities for international arbitration. Which tools will be of the greatest use, will any be truly disruptive, and is the world of IA ready for a future in which artificial intelligence and software applications could replace some of what decision makers currently do, for far less cost? Are there any risks associated with the use of virtual data rooms? How can such virtual data rooms facilitate efficiency and expediency in IA? And what of due process? Is there a danger that artificial intelligence and technological applications un-level the playing field, or are perceived to?

This session will pit ‘next generation’ figures against members of the IA ‘establishment’. The up-and-coming group will be challenged on why they deserve to get greater profile, audience and appointments before they have the proven track record. What can the up-and-coming generation offer that the established names cannot? Do younger practitioners “run like deer, but think like deer”?