7 Reasons why your break-up is killing you

Im 27 years old guy and I fell in love with a 20 year old colleague it was all good we just started it just 2 months only. I loved her more than crazy doing all the things to make her happy she too shown some interest in this but after a party I was riding on the wrong lane Because of my fault we had an accident with a car from the front I got hairline ankle fracture but she got severely injured her shin bone got fractured and surgery was done to get it fixed with the help of rods I was totally devastated because of her condition I was feeling guilty I tried to help her in every way possible her family was blaming me and her though we had just shared a bottle of mild beer in the party night she was saying something while I was riding I wasn’t able to hear her so I looked back but a car came suddenly and we dashed it though I was riding on the wrong lane but I was at the corner of the road I perfectly knew the speed of my bike was 50kmph but her family didn’t want to listen she said it’s better that I don’t visit her it will create problem’s I took her advice but I was in her contact through text messages after 8 days was feeling too uneasy I wanted to see her badly though I wasn’t able to walk I visited to her in hospital a day before she being discharged I was not able to see her in pain though gave her some of her things and asked her was it our fault I asked she said yes it was your fault I was totally shook off controlled my tears and smiling I left with a pain other day she was discharge outpatient she went home and i used to give emotional support and kept her motivated but after 10 days of regular conversation she also started blaming me though I took the the blame from everyone I didn’t mind but when she said the same thing I was taken aback I tried to help somewhat financially she refused any help from me on Valentine’s day she told I cannot forget all this and don’t feel the same for you .

Me and my family is suffering of you so she didn’t talk to me after a few questions I asked her what can be done she says let’s see it’s been over 2 and half months her broken bone and wound is not yet healed she is in anxiety or depression I don’t know cause her family and relatives also blamed her so she was sad and all the time crying I asked her not to give up but she doesn’t respond properly I send her goodnight morning wishes since 2 months but doesn’t get proper response and when ever she talks she is just cursing about the accident .

Many friends and colleagues told me that you been pampering her too much cared about her more than anything so you will have to suffer she was saying love you too till the time you were useful to her in enjoyment and favours now she is suffering so she forgot everything or might she was just pretending to you that she loved you that’s why it is so easy for her to give up said my colleagues but I didn’t believed any and followed my heart though my mind knew she is not that much crazy in love like me but still I love her my mind and heart is totally messed up since the valentine day she asked me not to talk or send any love messages I m not in love anymore I m suffering from pain but I understand she is worried about herself but she doesn’t want me to tell anything if I ask she changed suddenly might be manipulation of family or anything else but I want to take care of her I apologised 100times for the incident but she says apologies doesn’t help I tried to help but she doesn’t want me to do this I am cornered alone and in pain I am unable to sleep properly since 2 months I kept thinking about her well being I m not going to force her for anything but I can’t let go even she doesn’t like me anymore and she was relating the accident to the rash riding of the afternoon to the accident of night I already said sorry for the afternoon and told her I will never make her cry again before we left for the party I was enjoying her dancing and having fun through out the party I was just adored her only then she was getting late so I took the wrong side in hurry and the incident happened I don’t know when she will join back office how she will behave I know it won’t be the same but I hope she will understand if she knew I love her to pieces but what I should do to make her understand I don’t know please help I am not feeling good since but I want her to be Okay though relationship just started 3 months ago I am head over heels on her I think because I m not able to get angry on her cause I loved her so much .