7 Ways To Make Money In Ghana - smartincomeoffice.com how to invest in gold using cpf

7 Ways To Make Money In Ghana – smartincomeoffice.com how to invest in gold using cpf

There are so many ways to make money with a blog but for beginners, I’d like for us to to talk about making money with viral blogs. I don’t normally use this approach since I am more focused on other areas like coaching, creating and selling my own digital products on my blog, etc.

Before I address the subject at hand, I want to say that I really hate it when some bloggers exploit their followers to make money by promising them they would set up blogs for them, only to leave them hanging and confused, not knowing what to do next.

These so called master or experienced bloggers promise you you’d start making money with your blog soon, as you begin to imagine how life is going to be all rosy when you start blogging, until you start and find out the hard way that you are just at level 1 out of 1 billion levels!How to invest in gold using cpf

All what these bloggers care about is the affiliate commission they’d earn from the hosting company, or the fees they’d charge you. The annoying part is they charge you ridiculous amounts but teach you nothing.

Here you are as a newbie who knows little to nothing about website design and some very technical aspects about setting up a blog; how would you manage to weather the storm when your experienced teacher has left you to your fate? If this is how you enrich yourself as a blogger, I’d advice you to put a halt to that and provide value for what people pay for.

But first, you need to set up and design your blog, I am willing to design it for you as a beginner and as time goes on and you become conversant with your blog dashboard, I will gradually teach you how to design a website too, aside coaching you on how to monetize your blog to make money from it.How to invest in gold using cpf

I didn’t want to do it in the first place because of the work involved, but I have to sacrifice and help those who keep on texting me via whatsapp and email to help them set up blogs, to enable them make money from blogging.

The next time you go on holiday trips, vacations, excursions, expeditions, hiking, camping etc, don’t just take selfies and pose like an agama lizard to post on facebook for 200 likes and go sleep hungry! Are you gonna eat those likes?

When you go on such pleasure trips, don’t just take selfies. Capture unique places on camera, take pictures of interesting stuffs to make a slide show video for youtube, take videos of unique places that people will be interested to watch etc.

Our next topic is the step by step guide on how to monetize your videos. It is not difficult to monetize your videos.How to invest in gold using cpf I have put together a step by step guide on how to monetize your videos. After uploading your videos on youtube, just follow the steps I outlined here: STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO MONETIZE YOUR YOUTUBE TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR VIDEOS

NB: google recently introduced a new policy that video creators need to have 10,000 views and over, before video monetization would be enabled. This means if you don’t have 10,000 views or more for your youtube videos, you can’t monetize your youtube videos.

“the HFC unit trust is a collective investment scheme whose main objective is to invest mobilized funds in short-term money market securities. The HFC unit trust has a dual objective – short-term income and capital preservation. To obtain its high-income goal, the fund invests in portfolio of money and capital market instruments from different institutions.How to invest in gold using cpf the main instruments that the fund invests in are bonds, debentures, fixed deposits, treasury instruments and commercial paper. The fund is open to the general public that is all individuals and institutions who can afford the required minimum contributions. Parents/ guardians can also invest in trust for their children and dependants. Transactions can be made through all HFC bank branches.”

“the gold vault market program; involves a special gold market, where fine gold buy and sell leads are constantly exhibited. Worldwide prospective buyers closes on this sell leads at great profit margins, owing to the fluctuations of prices on london bullion market (market dynamics).

This program makes it possible for traders to earn extra value or make profit on their gold in vault, with regards to the sales transactions on the market daily, weekly, monthly or annually as the program involves continuous sales, a cycle of sales and re-stock until one decides to quit or terminate the cycle.How to invest in gold using cpf

You have the option of choosing either the monthly or weekly gold purchase plan; which allows you to decide and make a personal commitment to set aside a fraction of your weekly or monthly income, purposely for the purchase of 5grams of gold or more, to be securely stored in a vault. If the process is continued uninterrupted for a year or more, one is sure to have huge quantity of gold accumulated over the period and a much stronger purchasing ability, with respect to gold price appreciations and the value not affected by depreciation as it is with paper money.

You can chose to re-sell all or some of your gold with a simple note authorizing us to act in that regard. Our system will process your sell request based on the next london gold fixing. Interestingly, you are not charged ANY additional margin or fess when you sell.How to invest in gold using cpf you get INSTANT cash to meet any pressing economic need as there are unlimited number of gold buying prospects with a very high demand.

At any time of your convenience, you can instruct us if you wish, to convert your raw/pure gold in vault to fine collectibles, such as; jewelries of all forms and shapes among other things at a fee. What’s even more exciting is that, we deliver these finished products to you regardless of your destination worldwide comparably at a very cheap fee.

By virtue of our association with ecobank, we provide you with a cheque book and a visa debit card acceptable in most visa atms in the world. This gives you access to cash anywhere in the world and at any time, when you opt for the extra value on your gold to be liquidated for cash, as we sell the proportion instructed and credit your bank account instantly.How to invest in gold using cpf

You can choose to also post them on facebook, but for better results, you’d have to use sponsored advertisements, where you pay facebook for more reach. If you obviously can’t afford the daily minimum of $10 facebook charges for sponsored ads, there is a trick you could use to cut down the cost.