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The hype machine may lead you to believe all our data is headed to the cloud, but don’t count physical storage out just yet. External devices have grown in popularity over the past decade, so choosing the right one can become confusing with the wealth of options available. If you want to ensure you pick the best external hard drive for your needs, follow these easy tips. How to Choose the Best External Hard Drive HDD or SDD?

SSD – On the other end of the spectrum, we have solid-state drives or SSDs. You can think about these as big flash drives in a sense, but ones that are very fast and expensive.

We’re talking seconds instead of minutes compared to some HDDs. This style of hard drive is also perfect for people on the go as there is less concern about data loss from a drop or bump. Capacity

With that in mind, go big or go home with a standard hard disk drive. The prices have come down considerably in recent years, so it doesn’t make sense to pick up a 1TB drive when you can triple that for a few more bucks. If you’re in doubt, opt for a 5TB external drive unless you are a media mogul with thousands of games and films to store.

Plenty of PCs and laptops still use the USB 2.0 standard even though modern machines, smartphones, and slates are using USB-C now. No matter how fast the drive is, you’re going to lose speed if the ports on your end are outdated. Even the best external hard drive for PCs will slow to a crawl if you’re using a 2.0 port. Outside of USB 3.0 and C-type jacks, we also have Apples array of ports to contend with.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of options for Macs although there is another “connectivity” issue of sorts that may cause problems. That would be formatting, something you’ll have to do more often than not with a Mac. If speed is critical, look for an external hard drive that comes ready to roll for Macs or one that doesn’t require reformatting. Durability

When it comes to external damage, you can always choose a case, but some hard drives have built-in protection. A shockproof model will keep your data safe during a drop while a waterproof HDD allows you to store or access your action shots from damp locales, not when you’re back home at the PC. If drops are your primary concern, pay attention to the rating but never put it to the test intentionally.

The term waterproof can be a little tricky if you don’t read the fine print and another area where the rating matters. It can be easy to get excited when you see an “ IPX” tag, but there are different degrees of protection against water and dust. Some hard drives are also water-resistant, not waterproof which makes a huge difference. Additional Features

Compared to other types of consumer tech, you aren’t going to get much when it comes to extras with hard drives. The most common accessory would be the cable, which can vary in quality so you may want to have a spare on hand. Many companies also include security software or free trials that give you a taste of premium programs from Adobe and others.

Upgrades are a common occurrence when new games roll out, and some components are easier to swap out than others. Hard drives can be a pain, but not if you think outside the box and decide to get an external hard drive. From speedy gaming SSDs to large hard disk drives, these portable wonders provide a lot of bang for your buck. 9 Best External Hard Drives You Can Buy in 2019