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Like gold, silver is one of the world’s oldest metals for jewelry design. Highly reflective and malleable, silver has been transformed into everything from fine flatware to mirrors, but one of its most enduring uses is as a personal adornment. Because silver does not tarnish when worn, it became associated with purity. Its pale hue linked it with the moon, and early alchemists used the crescent moon as their symbol for the element. Although silver tarnishes easily, it does not corrode or rust, so it became a metal of choice for coinage. Silver jewelry’s lustrous gleam varies depending on how it is alloyed and polished. It can have a mirror-bright shine or take on a softly luminous appearance when brushed or frosted. Although it is considered a precious metal, silver costs far less than gold or platinum, making it a good choice for artisans and jewelry designers who want to create large, dramatic jewelry at a lower cost.How to invest in gold india

the metal is also a popular choice to pair with certain semi-precious gems; amber, turquoise, and garnets are often set in silver to highlight their rich colors. Versatile and economical, silver can be worked into thick chains, bold earrings, and broad cuffs or look as delicate as lace. It can also be used to plate common metals, lowering the price of silver jewelry still more. Understanding the different types of silver and silver plating techniques will help when choosing silver jewelry. Solid silver and silver alloys

Pure or native silver in its elemental form is one of the most reflective metals known. However, it is also soft and prone to losing its shape with extended wear. To strengthen the soft metal and enhance its suitability for jewelry, manufacturers often mix it with other metals to create an alloy.How to invest in gold india unlike some gold alloys, most silver alloys contain a high percentage of the precious metal. Fine silver

Jewelers refer to pure or nearly pure silver as fine silver. Ingots and jewelry made from fine silver must contain 99.9 percent silver, a percentage often expressed as 999 parts of silver in 1,000 parts of metal. Items made of fine silver may bear the number 999 stamped on the piece as an indication of its composition. Although fine silver jewelry is rare, some artisans prefer to work in it. When buying fine silver jewelry, look for simple shapes that will not lose their detail if the jewelry becomes dented or bent. Items with a hammered finish are a good choice because they will not show wear as a brushed or polished finish might. Britannia silver

Britannia silver contains 95.8 percent pure silver alloyed with copper.How to invest in gold india although it is occasionally used for silver jewelry, particularly vintage silver items, it is more often used for coinage or decorative housewares. Sometimes marked with the numbers 958 to denote its purity, britannia silver is indistinguishable from the closely related and more widely known sterling silver at a glance. Sterling silver

Overwhelmingly the most popular option for silver jewelry, sterling silver consists of 92.5 percent pure silver alloyed with other metals, usually copper. Sterling silver is one of the oldest alloys still in use. Its first recorded use was in the late tenth century. The alloy has a lower melting point than fine silver or pure copper, so it was easy to manufacture and withstood wear better than the pure metal, leading it to become the standard for coinage.How to invest in gold india british money takes its name from this ancient alloy, and in some languages, the same word is used for money and silver. As jewelry, sterling silver has many advantages over fine silver. It retains silver’s brilliance and workability, but it is considerably more durable than pure silver. The copper and other metals in the alloy reduce its tendency to tarnish and sometimes impart other properties to jewelry. Argentium sterling silver uses germanium instead of copper for a more tarnish-resistant product, and other manufacturers use gold or platinum to accomplish a similar effect. Sterling silver bears a stamp of purity featuring the number of its parts per thousand of pure silver, 925. Some makers refer to sterling silver as 925 silver. Coin silver

The most common alloy for silver coinage is a mixture of 90 percent silver with 10 percent copper.How to invest in gold india coin silver is the lowest percentage of silver that can be legally marketed as silver in the united states. Also labeled 900 silver, it is sometimes used for fashion jewelry. Older examples of handcrafted jewelry are sometimes made of coin silver. Electrum

This naturally occurring mixture of silver and gold has been used as coinage and jewelry since ancient times. Electrum consists of between 40 to 60 percent silver blended with gold, and while it is an uncommon jewelry material today, it was so widely used in antiquity that it is still found in beads and other adornments from the distant past. For collectors of antiquities including silver jewelry and beadwork, the percentage of silver in electrum is often an indication of the item’s origins and history. Electrum varies in hue from a silvery white to a warm, pale gold.How to invest in gold india silver plated jewelry

Like other precious metals, silver varies in price. While it has not approached the cost of gold or platinum in recent years, the price of silver has risen as more industrial uses are found for the versatile element. One solution to the rising cost of silver in jewelry is to use less of the metal while retaining its beauty and durability. Silver plating is the answer that many manufacturers choose. The two most common methods of plating a base metal with precious silver are electroplating and filling. Electroplating

During electroplating, silver atoms in a solution are permanently bonded to a piece of jewelry made from base metal using electricity. As the current passes through the jewelry, the silver is attracted to it and forms a sheath of precious metal over the object.How to invest in gold india this coating is durable but thin; over time, it can wear away to reveal the common metal beneath it. However, this wear can take years with careful maintenance. When shopping for silver jewelry, electroplated items are typically sold as silver plate. These items may be stamped with SP for silver plate, EP for electroplate, or EPS for electroplated silver. Some manufacturers also note the purity of the silver used for plating, so an item designated 925 SP means that it has been plated with sterling silver. Some solid sterling silver jewelry is plated with fine silver or rhodium to give it a mirror-like finish. The rhodium coating does not affect the value or quality of the piece and is purely a matter of taste. Many silver jewelry collectors prefer unplated silver as it develops a softly gleaming patina instead of a hard, bright shine over time.How to invest in gold india filling

Filled or rolled silver jewelry also involves a thin outer layer of silver on a base metal, but these items are made by pressing and heating the silver to bond it to the common alloy. Filled silver jewelry usually has a thicker layer of silver, but it is more limited in its shape and size than electroplated pieces. Because filling requires metal of a certain thickness, it is not used for fine silver chains or more delicate filigree pieces. Look for the SF or FS marks that denote filled silver jewelry. As with electroplated pieces, these items often specify the purity of the silver used to plate them. They may also bear a stamp indicating the thickness of the silver layer, usually 1/20 to 1/10 the total thickness of the metal. Although filling is somewhat less common than electroplating in fashion jewelry today, it was a more common practice for vintage and antique silver jewelry.How to invest in gold india tips for buying silver jewelry

When shopping for silver jewelry, note the markings on the inside of the piece. Almost all sterling silver jewelry is marked as sterling or 925 silver, but some handcrafted pieces do not bear these stamps even if they are sterling. Silver rarely reacts with skin. Most people who have experienced skin irritation or staining from jewelery have been wearing nickel silver, an alloy of copper, zinc, and nickel that contains no precious metal. It may be difficult to find a jeweler who can resize silver rings, so pay attention to ring sizes when buying silver jewelry. Because silver is inexpensive, the cost to resize a ring may be more than the item’s worth. Silver-plated jewelry is best for items that are worn occasionally. With daily use, the thin layer of silver can eventually wear away, exposing base metal that can corrode or stain skin.How to invest in gold india finding silver jewelry on ebay

Click on the all categories link on ebay’s home page and locate the jewelry & watches category. Solid silver jewelry can be found in both the fine jewelry and fashion jewelry departments, but plated silver is in the fashion jewelry section. Collectors of vintage pieces can also check the vintage & antique jewelry department. Conclusion

Silver is a precious metal, but it has an accessible price. For those who appreciate its softer beauty, it is more highly prized than gold, yet it is inexpensive enough to wear as a fun fashion accessory. With silver plating and filling, even costume jewelry can be encased in precious metal. Although silver may not retain its connection to purity, it is a link with history; even the most contemporary silver jewelry designs have something in common with ancient adornments.How to invest in gold india