A Preliminary Examination Of N=35 Canadian Marijuana Stocks… Eh_ _ Seeking Alpha how to invest in gold and silver pdf

Exxon is not going to go into the marijuana business, just because they had a bad year, and wall street would view such a move as extraordinarily unfavorable, since they do not possess expertise in this sector or segment of the economy. Their stock price would drop off a cliff.

Similarly, newmont mining would not go into the marijuana business, just because gold prices are down from their recent historical highs. Again, they do not possess the expertise and their stock price would decline.

Why, then, can we not view the marijuana firms, examined in this article, moving from one failed effort to what is likely to represent a new failed effort, less than favorably? I only make notes of these moves from one sector to another. While I suspect that professional skepticism is warranted, perhaps I am being too harsh and these firms will succeed.How to invest in gold and silver pdf

The canadian marijuana for medical purposes regulations ( MMPR) created what some have referred to as the marijuana frenzy. Canada maintains lists that may be helpful to investors – the below was captured from their website on january 6, 2015:

Notes to the above table: aphria [APH:TSX-V], listed above, is not included in the canadian marijuana index, but bedrocan canada, inc. [BED:CA] is. Broken coast cannabis was formerly known as greenleaf medicinals. Mettrum ltd. And agripharm corp. Is mettrum health corp. [MT:CA] and organigram inc. Is organigram holdings, inc. [OGI:CA]. The peace naturals project, inc. Followed greenleaf medicinals with the second canadian recall. Tweed, inc. Is tweed marijuana, inc. [TWD:CA]. Hydropothecary is 167151 canada, inc. And trading as BFK capital corp., which is not included in the canadian marijuana index.How to invest in gold and silver pdf thunderbird biochemical, inc. Is a wholly-owned subsidiary of T-bird pharma, inc. [TPI:CA]. Tweed farms, inc. Is, of course, tweed marijuana, inc. [TWD:CA].

Also, another firm with a stock price that spiked on march 19, 2014, in sympathy with the marijuana frenzy. They are marketing tea to areas where hemp is legal. I can see some potential in this market, but would like to see the results of their private placements, first. If they are toxic, I will avoid the stock, but it is certainly one of the better marijuana stocks that I have examined.

Because my wife drinks tea, I did ask her about this product. I suppose the high-brow enthusiast might purchase the product, and that is certainly not a bad thing, but it is my understanding that, historically, some have simply boiled marijuana stems to create their own blend of marijuana tea.How to invest in gold and silver pdf

There are many grey areas when developing a watch list. Mine is based on goal congruence and the likelihood that shareholders will participate in the firm’s stock price per share appreciation. I cannot rely on earnings for these marijuana stocks, since most have none.

It is difficult to know, precisely, where to draw the line, but I have drawn mine. I have identified n=5 firms to spend a bit more time on. I am always interested in hearing alternative views, since I am considering investing in some of the firms, and would appreciate your thoughts on which firms do or do not warrant the expenditure of additional time and research.