A series accessibility clarifications, suggestions and customer service woes. ni community forum

I just purchased the A61. As a blind musician, I was extremely excited about its accessibility intigration. I can happily say I absolutely love the keyboard, in spite of the fact accessibility for it hasn’t been rolled out yet. I know when it does finally happen, this keyboard will be a game changer. I do have a little sight in the meantime and so can make use of Komplete Kontrol, but the A61 accessibility will make everything I do so much faster. I know it’s being worked on, and I was wondering if there was any estimation of when the accessibility would be implemented? I can’t find anything by searching.

I purchased the keyboard not realizing they hadn’t been implemented yet, and after spending an afternoon looking it up and trying to figure out what I was doing wrong I was in fact rather disappointed. Also, I may have missed it, but I don’t think the S-series has any mention of accessibility on its product page. I only knew about it via word of mouth. I commend NI’s commitment to accessibility and hope support will increase in the future.

Now for my suggestion. Please, please, please add Reaper as one of the supported DAWs. It’s so powerful and inexpensive that it seems like a win win for everyone. Not everybody has the money to spend hundreds of dollars on a top of the line DAW like Ableton and the like. Ironically those DAWS aren’t even accessible, so having an accessible keyboard for any of them seems to defeat the purpose. Right now as far as I know, reaper and Sonar are the most accessible DAWS on Windows. Seems like only Mac users can take advantage of this keyboard accessibility fully at the moment. It’s still great even now, but it could be even better.

With that, I would also ask that you please, please work towards Making Eastwest one of your supported third party partners. From what I can tell you can utilize their products in Komplete, but the functionality isn’t as good, especially without support for previewing sounds, one of Komplete’s most fantastic features. Komplete 12 is amazing for people who can actually afford it, but when you’re a home musician starting out, having a subscription service like Composer Cloud can make all the difference. SO please, if possible, make this happen.

I am quite disappointed with NI’s customer service. Originally I ordered my A61 from your site, and I must say it did come quite quickly. However, we have a vender here and I could have ordered it from within Canada. Wen I realized this, I attempted to cancel my order with NI because I knew I’d have to pay a hefty duty charge with customs. I emailed support to cancel my order … and never heard back. Next thing I knew the order had shipped. I tried calling the dedicated support line several times on several different days. I was told I was calling outside business hours (Monday during business hours) which I stacked up to it being voting day. next couple days I tried it, and after selecting the appropriate department I was blatently told nobody was available to take my call right now. So I ended up being stuck with around $125 in duty charges, and frankly, that is not okay. Heck, I could have gotten Komplete Select for that price. I’m really disappointed with the service, especially since I’ve never had any problems before now.

Yes hopefully the accessibility function is worked in soon. No doubt it will be as there are a number of things that still need to be added and as with the S series they seem to roll out a few months after launch. Seems the speed at which programmers work vs. the speed management want to operate at are completely incompatible so we get unfinished products with months/years of waiting to actually use it properly.

Reaper and FruityLoops has been asked for a lot for the MK2 and it’s been a year and still no closer. I would be thinking they will start to standardise these controllers as they do differ in how they do the same things (like Accessibility where MK1 has a section within software to adjust, MK2 is done from keyboard only and A series doesn’t work at all). But it is a never ending waiting game for features sometimes.

EastWest cloud is NKS compatible. I own a few eastwest string and choir libraries (which honestly I regret wasting $1k on as their Play software is horrid and the quality of some libraries is poor with clicks in the loops and glitches etc). It’s got some great sounds but I rarely use it . I don’t believe NKS has extended to the standalone libraries and instruments and I was personally looking at making NKS for what I own but wasn’t considering releasing it because mapping is a pain with the different versions of gold/silver libraries and I only have a few. In any event, it is up to the developer to implement NKS, NI has no control or persuasion over their decision to invest time developing it.

Yeah one thing NI has been known for over the years is pretty poor service and communication unfortunately. I found out a similar thing when I ordered Komplete 8 years ago, I was stung with $160 import fee AND a week later Komplete 8 was 50% off. I have to say in NIs defense tho, they were great when I contacted them giving me a refund for the difference in special which paid for my import and allowed me to then upgrade to K9U when that came out. One of the benefits now with electronic downloads, no imports!

I have Composer Cloud, which for me is 414 a month for … EVERYTHING. Best musical investment in my opinion. I’m not a fan of Play either, but with Komplete and other VSTs for controlling FX you barely even need to use it. I do find Play does some strange things when I actually render, but on the whole I love their instruments, and I love the access to everything. If NI ever went that route and it was as reasonable I might be willing to change though. I find Komplete works quite well with Eastwest so far. The only thing I don’t like is how (and this happens in NI products too) you open a particular instrument (and instead of nicely organized folders like you get in Kontakt (and Play) you get a whole huge string of unorganized samples. But I can at least load them and use them with my !61. I’d love the preview feature though. That saves me so much time whenever I use an NI or affiliate product. I just wish I could justify the Retail Kontakt as some of my VSTs don’t work with the free player. $500 is a bit steap though.