A Smart Way To Avoid Paying Baggage Fees In 2018 should i invest in gold or silver 2014

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Worth noting that the united card only covers 1 bag on international flights so if you’re planning on travelling with more than 1 bag, expect to get hit up for between $75 and $100 for the 2nd bag checked in. Even as a silver elite passenger you have to pay for that 2nd bag so if you’re a frequent flyer internationally with more than 1 bag, its cheaper to buy the baggage plan they offer than paying for 2 bags multiple times a year! Basically you can’t beat the system entirely if you’re a standard traveller who always has to have a lot of luggage for work or personal reasons!Should i invest in gold or silver 2014

Using credit cards this way isn’t new. I’ve done it for years. But multiple credit cards isn’t for everyone. Pack only what you need, yes – but what if it’s a cold destination in winter, or you need to bring gifts? If you can, send ahead whatever’s lightweight and/or bulky. Divide the rest between 1 checked bag (for up to 2-3 people) and 1-2 carry-ons, distributing weight to avoid fees. Avoid placing any jewelry or electronics in checked baggage! Some of this advice is only applicable to domestic flights. International flights don’t charge for 1 or 2 checked bags per person, and mailing costs for international are very high – plus possible duty fees can come up unexpectedly. For international, use checked baggage only, not mail or a package service, to keep costs down. I know a few other tricks: if you buy something bulky or expensive abroad, which will be sent to you, you can sometimes negotiate to add in some items that you want to send home, such as clothes that you realize you shouldn’t have brought, or other inexpensive souvenirs you bought.Should i invest in gold or silver 2014 but you can’t always do this, and almost never with food items. Also: avoid overnight layovers within the USA on an international flight. I had an itinerary from delta a few years ago that was california to atlanta, and the next morning atlanta to costa rica. Although it was one international itinerary, that overnight in the US meant that we had to pay $25 per bag, for 3 of us, on the first leg of our trip. Delta didn’t see it as one international itinerary, even though they booked it that way!

The only reason this was started…Fuel costs per pound moved. What we forget? All these airlines stated it was temporary while fuel cost were so absurd. They’ve dropped over 30% and it has been YEARS.

I have the amex gold and love it. I always check in one bag and take my carry on with me.Should i invest in gold or silver 2014 more times than not, the flight is full and the gate agent will ask for carry ons to be checked in at the gate for free! Now what is not mentioned is it cost $95 a year for the card but worth it even if you fly 3 or 4 times a year.

Why did we forget the best, cheapest and doesn’t require another credit card? Take your bags through security to the gate, then gate check them. Theairlinewill behappyto perform this service for free, rather than impact their already challenging on time records, waiting for passengers to load on the plane and store their bags in overhead compartments that are already full.

I work up north for a couple months of the year, I ship my bags UPS, 50 bucks for 3 large bags, I only fly with a small carry on (laptop,change of cloths and ID) ship your bags a couple days before you leave and they are in your hotel room when you walk in

should i invest in gold or silver 2014

I am kind of glad they started charging fees for baggage. Before I figured out how to have the fees waived, I learned to pack only what I need and fit it all in a carry-on. No more waiting at the luggage carousel for my bags. Last year, we went to mexico for four days. I packed everything in my carry-on. When we returned, we were off the plane, through customs and passport, and in our car within about 12 minutes. I know there were people still waiting for their bags to come out so they could go through customs as we were driving home. No lost time and no lost bags.

I worked in airline operations management. The absurd thing about charging to check bags is that it forces more bags into the cabin, causing greater boarding and deplaneing delays–things that cost airlines far more money than having their baggage handlers load more bags.Should i invest in gold or silver 2014 not to mention the loss of customer satisfaction at not only the cost of checking bags, but also the inconvenience of waiting for other passengers who choose to bring their entire house aboard the cabin in order to save $25.

I have to fly out of a small regional airport when I need to fly. These airports are serviced by small commuter planes that have no overhead bins, thus no checked baggage fees. When I get to my layover destination, I simply wait for the announcement that the flight is full and. Therefore, anyone who wishes to check their carry on can do so at no additional fee. Because of my age and limited mobility, this is the perfect solution for me. And believe me they always make that announcement.

Virgin airways does not charge on overseas flights for two checked bags up to 50lb each and a carry on 20lb.Should i invest in gold or silver 2014 I have created a padded laptop cover, that will fit easily into a carry bag. Thus saving me the almost 5 lb weight of regular computer case. I am also allowed a purse. I think this is a fair deal.