Anyone here used coincorner and can let me know how they got on_ _ BitcoinUK open bitcoin


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I used them to buy BTC with a debit card.

They verify your card by debiting the account (ping a penny) somewhere in the range of 1p – 99p, then you verify the amount with them by either finding it on your bank statement when the amount shows up (some instantaneous, some take 3 days to show on statements, depends on your bank I guess), or just take note of the amount in the account beforehand, and then again after they debit the amount, the difference in values being the amount that you need to verify with coincorner.Open bitcoin bear in mind, if you enter the amount incorrectly, your account will lock, and you will need to contact their support to restart the process of verifying the card.

Once the card is verified, and you’re depositing, the amount in GBP is credited to your account on coincorner, and then you use that to buy BTC.

I’d use them again tbh, it’s handy being able to buy BTC with GBP. I haven’t tried transferring via bank deposit yet, great service though.

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