Apartments for rent in dubai – rent flat in dubai

Dubai is known globally for creating something special out of nothing. Dubai’s amazing real estate is the most sumptuous in the world, however, it isn’t the only thing that makes the city a perfect place to live for the tenants. The surreal seven-star skyscraper of Burj Khalifa, gleaming white sand of Dubai beaches, and the world’s largest indoor theme park, Dubai doesn’t hold back on splendour. The city has an exciting influx of cultural institutions that will lure you to spend your day there. You can step back in time as you visit the Dubai Museum and the Al Fahidi Fort, which is the oldest building in the city.

Dubai is outstandingly good at nightlife as well and will do a fine job to keep you busy. Jumping 500 feet in the air or taking a round in a yacht or a speedboat, you will have the ultimate adrenaline rush as anything is possible in Dubai. Types of Apartments in Dubai

Dubai is a great place for all, it will serve you to perfection regardless of the duration of your stay. Normally, people who are living temporarily here go for renting the apartments. In some cases, those who can’t afford to invest in the flats opt for rental apartments. Nonetheless, Dubai will cater to your needs whatever they might be. The apartments in Dubai vary as per the degree of your requirements and budget. You can go for rental studios, 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bhk flats, 3-bedroom apartments, and 4-bedroom rental flats. The amenities vary from building to building and location to location. Most of the apartments will have basic amenities like plus-sized windows, balconies, swimming pools, premium materials, fitted kitchens, fitted bathrooms, and access to retail outlets. The amenities will vary depending on the apartments for rent in Dubai that you decide to go for. Popular Areas in Dubai

Dubai isn’t short of popularity and its distinctive real estate is globally renowned for the exclusivity and uniqueness that it has to offer. Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, the Dubai Creek, and the Dubai Mall are some of the most famous places in the world that Dubai is home to. However, you’re looking for the apartments so we will tell you which places are the most exquisite for renting. If you want premium flats, we would suggest that you go for Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, the Palm Jumeirah, or Jumeirah Lake Towers because these places have the extremes of luxury. Dubai Marina is an entirely man-made property that stretches for more than 3-kilometres parallel to the city’s shoreline. The development resembles the Concord Pacific Place of Canada’s False Creek as it has its own man-made canal as well. It is one of the properties in Dubai that has a large concentration of foreigners, especially Europeans. Downtown Dubai is another ambitious plan by Dubai’s government. It is a place to stay because it has the world’s tallest building and the world’s biggest shopping mall. Dubai Opera is another highlight of the area and is regarded as an architectural wonder by many renowned designers in the world. It catalyzes the city’s economy and attracts millions annually, making it the most visited destination in the world. For more options in the apartments for sale in Dubai category, the Palm Jumeirah would make a compelling case as well. Lifestyle in Dubai

Dubai, although infamous for its scorching heat, is a place where the torrid climate doesn’t influence the outdoor gusto because of what the place has to offer. It is privileged with enthralling beaches, and supplemental amusements like The Artificial Palm Islands, Dubai Festival City, The Lost Chamber Aquarium and Legoland Dubai. One can indulge in incessant delectation through activities like skydiving, desert camping, skiing, wreck diving and so much more. For fans of performing arts, there is no place better to visit than the La Perle Live Show featuring over 65 artists each with a distinctive skill set. When it comes to eating out in Dubai, one is spoilt for choice with innumerable restaurants to suit any taste and budget. Rent Price Trends for Apartments in Dubai

The renting price for the apartments in Dubai starts at around AED 22,000 per year for a studio and could touch AED 1,400,000. The price to get the 1-bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai costs around AED 26,000 to AED 550,000 per year. If you continue to look for more rental flats, the next option is of Dubai Marina. The studio apartments in Dubai Marina cost around AED 40,000 to AED 120,000 per year while the 1-bedroom apartments have a yearly price of over AED 50,000 to around AED 275,000. The studio apartments in Downtown Dubai cost around AED 48,000 to AED 145,000 per year while the 1-bedroom apartments have yearly rents of AED 52,000 to AED 240,000. Dubai has risen to the top and it would be intelligent to make it your first international property investment. You will have a chance to grow your career and business in an ever-growing economy and get to live an elite life.