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In previous articles, we talked about what motivated us to create the ARBITRAGE CRYPTO TRADER.The price of bitcoin we told about the shortcomings of the current system of arbitration. And also about how our project solved these problems. In this article you will learn about the currency of our platform.

Arbitrage crypto trader ARCT token will be used in all calculations between platform users. This will form a constant increase in demand for it. If 1000 new users who buy premium packages come to the platform, they will have to pre-purchase ARCT tokens on the exchange, increasing the demand for them.

30% of the profit generated by the arbitrage crypto trader platform will be lost, and 20% will be sent to the reserve fund, and the remaining 50% will be put up for sale at a price higher than the price of the holders of the token, which will increase the value of the token.

The ARCT tokens are placed in 2 stages: pre-ICO and ICO.The price of bitcoin their total stock is fixed. All tokens, which will not be redeemed at both stages of placement, are subject to destruction. Their additional emissions will never be conducted again. The ARCT is placed on the basis of the ethereum smart contract.

The fixed number of issued ARCT tokens guarantees their buyer an increase in value as the demand for arbitrage crypto trader services increases.

We also set the price for the traded package in bitcoin, which will allow us to adjust the rate of ARCT relative to bitcoin (the price in bitcoin is constant, and the number of ARCT tokens required for payment decreases).

To get acquainted with the economic scheme of arbitrage crypto trader you can see below.

Arbitrage crypto trader ARCT token is the only means of payment for terminal premium packages.

A total of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) tokens will be issued.The price of bitcoin all coins that are not distributed by ICO results will be destroyed. The total number of remaining tokens will be distributed in proportion to the share of ownership.

The cost of tokens on pre ICO: 1 ETH = 125.000 ARCT

Cost of tokens on ICO: 1 ETH = 75.000 ARCT

The minimum amount of fees is 500 ETH

The planned amount of fees is 1000 ETH

The maximum amount of fees is 10000 ETH

If the minimum amount is not reached during the ICO, all credited money will be returned to the owners.

The team’s share is frozen for 6 months without the right to sell.

Arbitrage crypto trader eliminates the huge market inefficiencies historically present in crypto-exchanges. The task of the platform is to redistribute the funds that platform owners take from customers in the form of large commissions and fees for entering / withdrawing money, in the direction of the clients themselves.The price of bitcoin

We believe that the benefits from the technology of blocking and the opportunities that crypto-currency trading provides are to be received by all users, and not by a narrow group of people who own exchanges.

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