Astral diamond farming guide for mod 15

The Rough Astral Diamond refining limit serves as baseline for how much ADs a you can earn. Any character on any item level can earn RADs using the Random Queues or other dungeon runs. Only 100,000 of those however can be converted into “real” Astral Diamonds per day. With this hard cap the devs control how much free Astral Diamonds players can add to the economy. Once at level 70, you normally shouldn’t have any issue hitting the cap, but lower levels might not get there consistently.

After completing your random queues, you should still have a few thousand RADs to go. That’s where method #2, so called “farm runs” take over.

Players use the fastest dungeons (currently Temple of the Spider, Shores of Tuern, and Demogorgon) to quickly farm end chests and the RADs that come with it. Unfortunately this is more viable if you’re VIP. Because the daily additional re-rolls mean you will like get more profit out of chests. Doing weeklies on alts can also contribute a lot towards the daily limit. Farming Event Rewards

Another way of making a few ADs is by participating in events. The bigger seasonal ones offer unbound rewards that can be flipped for currency on the Auction House. Since most entry requirements are low, all levels can often fully participate, and make as much ADs as veteran players. Unfortunately great AD-making events are rare, and the items get devalued rather fast. Call-to-Arms companions for example used to sell pretty well, but merely go for pennies nowadays. The longer rewards exist, the less valuable they get.

Limited to Mod 12-14 is farming and selling items related to Hunts. In Chult and Omu players both sell Trophies and even specific gear that has a change to drop from the Hunts. It can net you a nice amount especially at the start of modules, but you obviously need access to the campaigns. Additionally the farming process is rather dull, items get devalued fast as supply rises, and the process of selling stuff is a bit more complicated since you can’t simply put them on the Auction House.

In Ravenloft the process has become much easier as you can simply farm Wanted Posters and sell them on the Auction House. The competition on the AH however also means that the market settles rather fast. The posters do not sell for super high amounts, but are easy to farm and can add up to a nice income while you’re doing the Ravenloft campaign. Playing the Auction House

In case you don’t really have time to play the game, you can still play the Auction House. With market knowledge and a sufficient stock of Astral Diamonds you can generate a nice profit margin by just buying low and selling high. There are a couple things you can do, but the most basic one is buying items when the supply is expected to go down, or the value is expected to go way up (because of a gameplay change etc.). Current lockbox items are always cheap, and usually get up in price once the market has moved on to the next lockbox. The same applies to items that are currently available through events etc.

It’s however not always easy to identify opportunities and requires a deep knowledge of the market and the game. You also have to monitor the preview patch notes and evaluate changes appropriately. Even if you do it right your capital can get tied up because you may not be able to flip the items for profit for a certain time. Workshop Gold Farming

Talking about a minimal time investment, gold farming is another one. The idea is rather simple: Generate as much gold as possible and sell it on the Auction House by using the “Gold Bars” treasure item you can get from standard vendors. The good news is that it can be done by any alt that has access to a Workshop. The best gold producing tasks are low-level and a toon is literally set up within minutes. After that all you do have to do is burn through your morale once per day for 20-25 gold per character.

To earn significant amounts however requires many alts to do this. I would aim for at least 200 gold per day. It’s a massive click fest, but that should net you 500k ADs per week, which is a nice amount given that there are no requirements other than daily activity. You can obviously also try to sell other goods with professions. Black Opals are the most prominent example here, but that requires Gathering and Jewelcrafting at level 70 and specific Artisans to be most efficient. Use Discounts to Make Profit

Whenever there’s a major ZEN or Wondrous Bazaar discount, you should check whether you might be able to buy certain items and flip them on the Auction House for a profit. This is especially true if there’s a backlog on the ZEN/AD exchange and players have to wait for days and weeks to get their orders filled. That’s why anticipating the sales during the Jubilee and Winter Festival and stock up ZEN early is key. You can then buy and resell items like Coalescent Wards. What players also do is buy tons of Marks of Potencies during sales and discounts, stash them away, wait for the market to recover, and profit.

Good news guys: Dungeon farming is a thing! As much as the chest loot changes at the start of 2017 sucked for those that farmed for specific items in dungeons chests, at least farming endgame dungeons and selling the unbound loot can be quite profitable since then. Also some of the Masterwork resources that drop from bosses sell for a decent amount. Granted, you won’t get something valuable every time, but items like Ultimate Enchanting Stones can add up to a nice profit over a few days.

The viable dungeons are limited to the true endgame content though. We’re talking about Fangbreaker Island, Tomb of the Nine Gods, Cradle of the Death God, Castle Ravenloft, and to a lesser extent Spellplague Caverns. We’re also entering elitist territory here. The faster you can farm those, the more ADs you’ll be able to make. So in case you’re not part of the current endgame meta, tough luck. Explorer’s Charts Farming

This however takes a while as you have to wait for the events. That’s why the best way to earn Guild Marks is still using “dummy guilds” as shown in this video. You basically need four friends (or alt accounts) to continuously create guilds, fill up the Voucher coffer, and delete them. This way you can make hundreds of thousands of Guild Marks during a single x2 GM event. And the best thing? The profession assets you use to fill the coffers cost less than you’ll be doing with the Guild Marks you earn. We pretty much talk about a perpetual motion machine here.

As awesome as this sounds, maximizing the revenue from Guild Marks requires the Explorer’s Guild Stronghold structure (which doubles resources from Explorer’s Charts at Rank 6), a few spreadsheets, and knowledge of the market. You need to know what items net the most Guild Marks per AD, and what Explorer’s Charts are currently the best to farm. But if you do it right, there’s tens of millions of ADs to make during x2 Profession events. Masterwork Professions

The only ones that probably make more ADs than those that farm Explorer’s Charts are the ones that buy the resources from them. Mastercrafter’s profit margins are off the charts. There are people that literally make millions of ADs per day just by crafting and selling Masterwork products. The competition at the top is fierce however and unless you set up some spreadsheets and know what items net you the most profit, you have no shot at competing. Masterwork Professions are not exactly easy to understand, and knowing the cost of recipes and how to get resources the cheapest is crucial.

Additionally you can’t just start crafting. The way to the current MW V recipes requires millions of ADs. It’s truly a system for the rich to get richer. It can’t hurt though to level Masterwork Profession if you have a few ADs to spare (probably because you’ve been following our guide!). If you make it to the top, there’s a decent chance you’ll get your investment back and are going to make much more! Conclusion

The best way of making ADs for you personally depends on your level of commitment. The Astral Diamond farming “endgame” is Masterworks (chart farming or crafting), but not everyone is willing to put in the effort and theorycrafting to be successful there. Your level of activity also dictates how successful VIP and gold farming can be. Players that are unable to login daily, claim keys, and burn through their morale don’t get as much as they could.

On a more casual level you can’t do wrong with the random queues and dungeon farming. Additionally I would set up some low-level alts to produce gold in Workshops, even if you can’t do it daily. It’s steady income, but not the absolute best way to accumulate wealth. You should at least look whether sales, discounts, or events offer additional opportunities to make some ADs. In most cases they do, so make sure to profit whenever there’s something interesting in the calendar!

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