Banned by hwa! news and observations about armstrongism and the churches of god lamborghini’s, gulfstream jets, gold and silver..we deserve the best!

I recall, as a 19 year old, watching the construction of the Ambassador Auditorium in 1969. Being so new to the Church I was not fully aware of the 1972 fervor with some just ahead but of course was aware of the "soonish" of Jesus return. My first thought when looking at the pictures on the construction site was that "these folk are NOT really believing any Jesus is returning soon." Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry are sending the same message. They no more believe in the soon coming of Jesus than I do. Dave’s Empire for Jesus will crumble and be sold off as a drug rehab center or AI Sex Robot factory in time.

The fact is that too much money always flowed into the Church and what to do with it was the question. It was the kind of problem HWA could only dream of before. Part of the problem is those who give, in some strange way, have been convinced they are giving to God and there are plenty of scriptures to push that agenda on the member. It is of course BS. You always give your money to the man and it is always the man who decides how to use it with a few perks for himself. Soon, the perks rage out of control.

Having spent 20 years in Greenville, SC where the Black Church is alive and well, this "pastors" opulence is rare over all but part of the culture too. I had Black Pastor acquaintances in Greenville who had a gold rings on all ten fingers and dressed to the nines as they say. I can imagine the car. White Pastors would look even more stupid doing that and I never saw it working at the Hospital where they were pretty common roaming the halls. All the mega church types I knew or had as clients were opulent in their lifestyle and looking for ways to spend all the money sent in for God. I did a talk at one where I asked them if they had a plan "B" after they were trying to sell me on their charismatic guy. They asked what that was and I said plan "B" was what happens to the church of 10,000 when the mega guy or wife runs off with the money or someone else. They were horrified. Two years later…..

I don’t like the comparison to athletes and other celebs. No one tries to convince you that your future depends on your support for the basketball, football or baseball team. Yet you can go get yourself your favorite athlete’s jersey; pay to go to a game and indulge in the over-priced concessions at the game. How many of us spent some money in the NFL season just to see your team not even make it to the play-offs? The team still got paid its millions of dollars and life goes on for both you and them. No one forced you to spend money on them: you did it willingly.

When it comes to religion, people are first brainwashed that it is a life and death matter, your continued "blessings" of good health, finances, family etc are dependent on your subscribing to a specific spiritual leader’s guidance/teachings as well as supporting them financially. To make it worse, they go ahead and brainwash you that it is not just this present life: but including your future eternity and life-after-death. People sacrifice their time, money and relationships because pastor so-and-so taught it is the only way to eternal life.