Bay ridge community

One homeport story.the night the bomb hit.deceivers were playing their 1st bar gig.all the kids in the neighorhood e only people in the bar over 18 were the bartenders.they stopped making mixed drinks at 10pm.all they were serving were 7and7s or bottles of beer.they went through every bottle of seagrams they had and every bottle of beer in the place. Biggest volume night homeport ever had. I was there.

Anybody remember the homeport 69th btw 4th and 5th.i worked there on fri.and sat.nights.1966 68. Owners quiet john and fast eddie sullivan.bartenders little george coppola and big tommy gabriellini doorman peacemaker tony grimes.

Biggest fear on friday night was that the longshoremen would leave before the kids and hippies started arriving.what a job!

I am working on Our Family Tree that grew in Brooklyn! I am searching for anyone who attended PS 140 on 59 th and 4 th Avenue, Dad Louis Vitola worked there as a “fireman” shoveling coal to heat the building yes there was such a thing back then. Any memories you can share would be deeply appreciated! We also moved around I went to Holy Family on 12 th and 4th, my brothers went to OLPH we were all born in Methodist hospital. So if you remember my DAD or any of us please share your memories with me. Who knows maybe Your story will become a part of our family tree that grew in BROOKLYN!

Grew up on Shore Rd near Oliver St. Graduated PS104 ’72. Bklyn Tech Electrical – Class of ’76. Leemark Lanes, Skytop Billiards, 12c Burgers at White Castle, Egg Creams or a vanilla malted and a pretzel at Hinsch’s or Pohl’s, Ice cream at Carvel’s on 4th and 94th, Lenny’s Pizza on 4th near 86th, Dinner at the Green Tea Room on 86th or the Harbor House on 4th at 87th St, Window shopping afterwards, Beer from Star Deli on 86th near 3rd to go drinkin’ down the park (at nite), Take out at Martini’s Seafood at 4th and 87th (Boston Scrod (not cod) and the best FFs and Cole Slaw), Sitting down in the back by the fire at Hobnails after walking in the cold; TJ Bentleys, O’Sullys, Beards – Jack Whitman Sunday nites, Uncle Sam’s (LI), Channel 80 (Island Park, LI), OBI West & East, Mustardsleaze, (Eddie) Carrolls, getting beat up at Pastels on 88th, Nite (shooting) Gallery; Griswolds on 3rd. I’m done for now.

Hey Dad, I loved seeing you on You Tube Singing with the Classmates, and so did Antonio your Grandson. I wish they let you sing lead Bc you’re an amazing singer and could have gone solo. My wish for you is for me to get on stage somewhere w a live band and sing you an R & B song! You’d be quite surprised that I inherited the gene to belt out the music and sprinkle some soul into it.

I lived on 79th St between 4th and 5th Ave from 1961 until 1972. Attended PS 127 thru 5th grade. I remember our good friends Frank, Ellie, Debbie, and Victoria Heil who owned a bakery (possibly on 5th Ave?). Debbie was one of my best friends back then. I remember one year we got our photos professionally taken together by their family’s photographer. Also remember Dick’s Hobbyland around the corner where I used to buy models. There was a nice little malt shop close to our block. Remember playing stickball, street hockey, throwing a rubber ball against our front stoop. A couple of kids in the neighborhood were power hitters in stickball and used to hit the ball on the apartment building roof all the time. My friend across the street had a pool which was a big deal. I remember watching the ’69 Mets win the World Series on TV. Also remember my 4th grade teacher Ms Gouch, whose cousin was Dave DeBusschere of the Knicks.