Beginner’s guide – final fantasy brave exvius wiki

If you are just starting out, decide whether you want to reroll for good units or not. Rerolling is the process of resetting the game over and over in hopes of getting good or favorable units from the limited summons you get early in game. While it’s not necessary to enjoy most of the game with random units, you may get more enjoyment from doing harder content with stronger units, or maybe you just want to steamroll your enemies. See how to reroll.

Lapis and tickets are the backbone of the game’s ecosystem. They are primarily used to summon units. Units are what the players live and die for. And so it is unwise to waste Lapis and tickets without the knowledge of them.

While both can be used to summon units, Lapis has a much greater use in the game, and is the game’s premium currency that can be purchased with real money.

The game might feel overwhelming to a new player given that it has been updated with so much content, as well as time-limited events. Unlike console games, content in this game requires energy to do, which refills gradually. You can only play so much in a day. Let us break down the content so we can determine which content you should do or prioritize.

Enhance vortex is an on-demand vortex that fills out certain necessities like money, experience, or materials. They are usually not the best for the job, however, they can be used as a last ditch effort when no other event or vortex is opened. Aside from the daily vortex, There is also a weekend vortex, unlocked every weekend, which contains more bountiful rewards.

Whenever you are exploring a new town or an exploration map, check towns and explorations pages to obtain all of their hidden items and quests. While it might be fun to discover them yourselves, it’s very difficult to keep track of them, and some of them are really hard to find. Many quests require you to defeat monsters in subsequent dungeons, so save your energy by accepting all quests beforehand.

Exchange event is another good event for beginners, since it has most resources you need. Higher difficulty will yield higher currency per energy. To increase the amount of currency, you can use bonus units, including your friend’s unit, in your party. A new summon banner is always introduced during the event that contains new units for bonus, it might be a good idea to summon several units.

• Chamber of Experience: Gives large unit experience. The amount of experience is generally much larger than the one found in the story dungeons. Recommended to use for leveling your unit. Better rates of experience are given by events, participation in raids, or Mog King farming events, but are generally limited in Metal Gigantuars given, or limited time. Cactuar Dunes gives better net experience when it’s open.

Trials [ edit | edit source ] See also: Chamber of the Fallen, Chamber of the Reborn, Chamber of Arms Arena & Colosseum [ edit | edit source ] Main article: Arena, Colosseum Expedition [ edit | edit source ] Main article: Expedition Rookie Quests [ edit | edit source ] Main article: Rookie Quests Trophies [ edit | edit source ] See also: Trophies, Trophy Guide

Power creep is a process that often occurs in games where new content (in this case units) slowly outpace the power of previous alternatives. This leads to players abandoning previous options in favor of pursuing the latest and more powerful alternatives, resulting in an inevitable increase in power throughout the game. As more, stronger units are released, older content will not seem as difficult due to the power level difference from whence the content was released to what was available at that time. As the game’s life cycle continues on, newer content will be released to challenge what units are currently available.

Later you will find that you need more gil for things like Expeditions or Ability Awakenings. By this point, you should have many of the common materials from completing the game normally, and can just sell off stacks of them to gain a large amount of gil. This, combined with events that give you many Gil Snappers, will allow you to have more gil than you’ll know what to do with.

• Don’t over-invest into poor quality units at the start. Main character units like Rain or Lasswell under-perform when compared to other 4 -star and 5 -star base units. Do a little research into the units you initially summon, and invest into those instead. 5 -star base units are generally stronger than lower base units and should be your focus.

• Not making friends is a critical mistake a lot of beginners make. As you play you’ll have the option to ask friend units to temporarily join your party for missions and quests. Start developing an eye for potential friends with powerful unit you can put onto your friend’s list. A high-powered friend at early levels can easily carry your group through a tough fight; also, a friend may have a duplicate unit as the one you have, allowing you to synergize abilities or chain attacks without you having to own two of the same unit.

• Don’t ignore great 4 -star base units. They are summoned more frequently and can be the building blocks of amazing teams. Units like Ashe, Amelia, Warrior of Light, etc. have a lot going for them in the main game or in the Arena, especially before you start getting 5 -star base units. A good 4 -star base unit that can become a 6 -star max unit can potentially be as powerful or as useful as a 5 -star base unit depending on the condition of the fight.