Beginners guide – grimoire heralds of the winged exemplar wiki

• Important: DISEASE develops over time, causing other conditions to appear and preventing conditions from disappearing over time! Make sure to cure disease quickly, either with potions, spells, or with consumable items (Galen Apples you find when you ‘Look’ in a bush in the starting areas). The new shrines also heal diseases and other status effects.

• Musical instruments can be very powerful, so make sure to have a Bard or Sage in your party to equip and use them. Currently, Bards and Sages need to succesfully use an instrument 16 times to have the Music skill increase by one point (Jesters 21 times).

Even when monsters resist the effects of the instrument, it counts as a successful use.

• Saurians are strong and fast, but gain skill points through use much slower than others due to being the by far stupidest race. You can counteract that by picking a Saurian Berserker, which gets extra skill points on level up due to the bonus multiplier. Also, Saurians have the lowest number of total attribute points along with the Aeorb, making these two probably not such great choices for multiclassing.

• For multiclassing, the total number of attribute points may be something to look at, since you cannot go lower than the racial minimum on attributes when you are back at Level 1. The Naga and Durendil have the highest total number of attribute points (440), making them pretty good choices for multiclassing, but both have armor restrictions – the Naga cannot wear pants and the Durendil need special gear for their race, which is not easy to find.

• Sages also have a lot of useful skills (Assaying, Music, Ancient History, etc.), so that the fantastic 2.0x multiplier of the Aeorb may be worth taking them for that class. To counter the Aeorb squishiness, you can put the 2.0x bonus points in the beginning into their HP and then they gain twice as many skill points on each level up. But the Aeorb are also super-slow, which is a big minus.

• Use Identify and Improved Identify to greatly increase the chance to ASSAY any ?ITEM?. But you can also left click on that object then left click on one of your character’s LOOK icon to get a verbose description of that object. You can also do the same thing with the ASSAY icon to get a (very tiny) box listing that object’s in-game stats, if appropriate.

• Also regarding scribing new spells from spellbooks: Often, when you have a vendor Identify a spellbook for you first then you buy it, then attempt to scribe it, if unsuccessful, the message you receive is misleading. it claims you failed to identify ?SPELLBOOK?, but that’s not really what’s happening. Since it’s already been ID’d, you’re free to attempt to scribe it, but if your scribe skill still isn’t high enough to scribe that particular spell, you’ll get that message. I confirmed that spellbooks bought from vendors indeed can successfully be learned.

• Spell points regenerate while resting at different rates depending on (I think, someone please confirm) your Devotion attribute. ***UPDATE*** This actually appears to be more related to race. Humans replenish their spell points during rest at a fairly slow pace while certain others do at nearly double the rate. It’s up to you to discover which!

• In combat if you target a group of monsters with a spell or spell-like effect, and that particular group of monsters "moves" up in the order because your frontline fighters wiped out a previous group, that spell will NOT take effect and will instead hit empty air! So you have to choose which group to target carefully taking into consideration the other groups’ overall survivability of your fighters’ onslaught. I believe this might be a bug, therefore Cleve might fix it such that your spells "track" the group you originally specified, but I kind of like it the way it is.

• Related to the above, if your character is equipped with any secondary weapon, and you give him or her combat orders, the game actually asks you which group to target twice. This is not a bug. Cleve Grimoire wants you to specify which group to target with your primary attack and which group to target with your secondary attack(s). Neat, huh?

• Be very certain you want to use Raise Dead. This includes the use of scrolls that cast the spell and certain items that will raise a dead character back to life. The problem with it is that every time you successfully raise a dead character, he or she loses 10 points of CON permanently! There’s no way to re-gain these CON points except through re-levelling and assigning points to the attribute again. Jeez, Cleve!