Bekah halat a fresh voice rocking the republican primary news

I am a small business owner, a non-profit founder, and mother. Most know me as a businesswoman, business trainer/mentor, community leader, public speaker, and singer/songwriter. I am very involved in our community. I don’t claim to know everything, but I’m willing to learn and work hard. I always have the right intentions and I really want to make a difference in our State. I’ve held several prestigious and humanitarian titles including Mrs. Alaska, America’s Leading Edge Woman and Businesswoman of the Year. Through pageantry, I learned a lot about self-confidence and had the opportunity to be involved in the community.

Most pageants involve scholarships and a platform. In fact, pageants helped me pay for my college education.

Alaska has a ton of potential, but there are so many issues with the structure and organization of how our State’s government is being run right now. Crime and unemployment rates are up, and our education rating is one of the lowest in the Nation. As a mother, I worry about our community’s safety and the future of what Alaska will become if we don’t start making effective changes now!

This is a grassroots campaign compared to the political giants we’re up against. Campaigning is costly. Mailing a postcard or letter is relatively inexpensive but mailings are quite the opposite. I’ve found that my time is best spent going door to door and talking to those who live in the district, so that’s been my priority nearly every day since I began the campaign.

Legislators aren’t properly budgeting, including my opponent. We need to go through every department and consolidate and determine if expenses are absolutely necessary. The government must live within a budget we can afford. It is irresponsible to continue kicking the proverbial financial can down the road with deficit spending. If we do not address significant and unaccountable spending now, we will be forced to develop other revenue streams which will take directly from the private sector and prolong the current recession.

I listen. A good leader will listen and see the larger picture. As a community leader, I stay up-to-date on important issues and seek to bring Alaskans together for a common goal. I am aligned with my constituents. I’m fighting for them and our State. I invite positive dialogue on both sides of the issues. We need leaders that are accountable, determined, and willing to put forth hard work! I want to leave the State better than our past representatives. I will bring common sense legislation to the table and address the serious issues at hand.

Alaska ranks first in annual budget per capita nationwide, and that’s not a good thing. That’s nearly $14,000 in expenditures per person and many Alaskans in my district feel that there is a misuse of appropriations. With increased crime and fewer jobs many people are leaving the state; there is significant homelessness, opioid misuse, poor high school graduation rates, and we pay the most per pupil and yet we rank 48th in the nation (according to the 2018 Kids Count Data Book by the Annie E. Casey Foundation).

Representative Dan Saddler actually used to play in my band Element 47. I hear there are quite a few musicians in Juneau, so I may have to start an official Alaska Legislature band. Music is my creative outlet. I was actually voted Best Singer/Songwriter by the Press Picks last year. I wrote a jingle for the campaign and it will be live in a few weeks. When I am not meeting people in the neighborhood or focusing on creating better solutions for our State, you will find me writing songs or choreographing dances to songs that motivate me. My favorite past time is dancing around in my living room with my family. We’ve got the moves like Jagger!