Best australian dollar (vs pound) exchange rate in one year today _ australian dollar bitcoin exchange rate chart

Best australian dollar (vs pound) exchange rate in one year today _ australian dollar bitcoin exchange rate chart

The australian dollar exchange rates follow major uptrend vs the pound, euro, NZ dollar today despite lack of direct data

Thanks to today’s continuing aussie dollar strength across the fx markets, the australian dollar exchange rate has rise to the best conversion against the weak british pound.

In addition to the UK’s budget problems not being resolved today, the pound has also been softened by earlier ONS statistics.

According to the office, there is a high chance that chancellor george osborne may miss his target to cut the current budget deficit in the 2015-16 financial year.

Confidence in the australian dollar exchange rates has risen further on tuesday after comments from reserve bank of australia (RBA) governor glenn stevens seemed to indicate a more relaxed outlook on monetary policy.

Although stevens acknowledged that there remains scope for further monetary loosening his more positive assessment of the strengths of the domestic economy suggested that rates are likely to remain on hold in the near future.Bitcoin exchange rate chart

While not having much domestic data to rely on, positive news from trade partners china has bolstered the australian dollar exchange rates today.

The aussie dollar also rallied after the most recent chinese MNI business indicator for march failed to record a rise from 49.9 points for the indicator, thereby indicating continued contraction.

However, both employment and production have risen, which has outweighed the contraction-induced negativity. Latest pound/australian dollar exchange rates

On monday the pound to australian dollar exchange rate (GBP/AUD) converts at 1.771

Today finds the aus dollar to pound spot exchange rate priced at 0.565.

The australian dollar conversion rate (against euro) is quoted at 0.637 EUR/AUD.

FX markets see the aus dollar vs us dollar exchange rate converting at 0.781.Bitcoin exchange rate chart

Please note: the FX rates above, updated 12th feb 2018, will have a commission applied by your typical high street bank. Currency brokers specialise in these type of foreign currency transactions and can save you up to 5% on international payments compared to the banks.

Despite the week not opening with any major australian data to speak of, the australian dollar exchange rates have nonetheless managed to soar against the bulk of its currency competitors.

This has largely been triggered by somewhat positive figures coming out of china, where the MNI business sentiment indicator has shown a stable situation developing in the economy of the asian superpower.

While sentiment for business has remained in the contraction range at 49.9 points, the indicators have nonetheless shown that production and employment have both made positive motions.Bitcoin exchange rate chart australian election drama may destabilise AUD exchange rate in as possible vote approaches

While today’s events have been hugely beneficial for the australian dollar, the future may hold a great deal of political and economic turbulence down under.

This is due to current prime minister malcolm turnbull recalling parliament, potentially setting the stage for a general election as early as july 2nd.

The PM is currently buoyed by high approval ratings, but is seeking to pass legislation targeting corruption in unions. If he is defeated by the upper house in passing this measure, an election seems likely as a way of ‘reshuffling the deck’ and putting more favourable tenants into the higher portions of parliament.

Additionally, the reserve bank of australia (RBA) could cause unrest in the long-term due to interest rate cut concerns.Bitcoin exchange rate chart

Pound sterling (GBP) exchange rate slides across the board today on CBI’s ‘brexit’ worries

The appeal of the UK currency has taken a major hit recently, as in addition to being damaged by the high-profile resignation of iain duncan smith last week, today has brought an extremely troublesome estimate from the confederation of british industry (CBI).

In a report conducted for the CBI, it is predicted that around 950,000 jobs and approximately 100bn would be lost in the event of a ‘brexit’, leaving the UK in a state of ‘serious shock’ up to 2020 and beyond.

Looking ahead on a more concrete basis, the near future will bring the CBI’s trends for total orders and selling prices in march, both of which previously fell into negative ranges.

New zealand dollar (NZD) exchange rates advance today despite previous poor confidence outcome

bitcoin exchange rate chart

Today has brought a mix of movement for the new zealand dollar, which has alternately risen and fallen against its competitors.

Most recently, sunday night’s westpac consumer confidence result for the first quarter has been slightly unsupportive, having dropped from 110.7 points to 109.6.

Looking ahead, the next ‘kiwi’ data of note will be wednesday night’s february trade balance result, which was expected to show a healthy increase in the surplus from 8m to 90m at the time of writing.

Foreign exchange rate forecast: australian election seems assured if turnbull fails to achieve parliamentary approval

Speaking on his most recent actions that seem to promise an early election this year, australian PM malcolm turnbull has stated:

’this is an opportunity for the senate to do its job of legislating rather than filibustering.Bitcoin exchange rate chart the go-slows and obstruction by labor and the greens on this key legislation must end’.

Adding to this sentiment, turnbull declared:

’the time has come for the senate to recognise its responsibilities and help advance our economic plans, rather than standing in the way’.

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