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Casinos that accept bitcoins

On the one hand, you could just play at an online casino which accepts bitcoins. There would be nothing inherently wrong with that. However, there are online casinos out there which only accept bitcoin. If you love your bitcoins, these are very advantageous online casinos to play at. It’s not just casinos, though.

There are several other gambling portals which accept bitcoins, too, such as online sportsbooks. We’ll come to those a bit later on. But for now, as long as your chosen online casino accepts bitcoins, you’re on the right track. What else is ideal, though? A great range of games

Having a good list of games is of paramount importance. If your chosen bitcoin casino does not offer a huge selection of games, then how are you going to enjoy yourself?

Not everybody wants to play slots all of the time, just like not everybody is a poker fanatic.Bitcoin news widget

What you’re ideally looking for is a bitcoin casino which not only has the very best slots, but also a great array of more traditional casino games, perhaps even some cutting edge technology, such as live dealer casino games. Believe it or not, there are a handful of bitcoin accepting casinos out there which offer such options. No fees, no hassle

By and large, most casinos won’t charge you fees or have lengthy transaction times, when you use bitcoin. That is one of the perks of using this payment method. Ideally, you’ll be able to quickly make your deposit and cash out your winnings. More importantly, you will not need to pay a fee.

Some bitcoin casinos (it must be said), will charge you. Most will not. Just make sure that when you are weighing up all of the pros and cons of your new bitcoin casino, that you take fees and transaction times into consideration.Bitcoin news widget promotions and bonuses

You might think that given the currency bitcoin casinos use, that it would be rather difficult for them to offer you as many promotions and bonuses as other casino sites.

This is not necessarily the case. There are many bitcoin accepting casinos which do have promotions and bonuses for you.

It is not uncommon to be able to claim a match deposit welcome bonus from a bitcoin casino, for instance. Most will also run VIP clubs of one kind or another, so that you can be continually rewarded for your loyalty, as you play game after game at a bitcoin casino site.

Bitcoin sportsbooks don’t tend to offer as many bonuses, but that doesn’t mean that they offer none at all. Our top places to play

If this all sounds like too much an experiment for you, you needn’t worry. We’ve done your homework for you, and come up with two sensational places to play.Bitcoin news widget first, for casino lovers, is mbit casino.

This top quality bitcoin accepting casino scores highly in all of the above, and they have a superb 110% deposit bonus available for new players. They also come equipped with a superb selection of games for you to play. When it comes to online casino gaming with bitcoins, mbit casino is the place to play.

Sportsbook lovers on the other hand, may wish to try out cloudbet. This site is both a bitcoin casino and a sportsbook, and they offer bets on some of the hottest sports currently going.

Whichever bitcoin gambling site you choose to play at, whether it’s betting, casino or even real money bingo, make sure it is one which you are comfortable with. Once you’ve learned how to use bitcoins (which is something we can help you with via our guides), you’ll be participating in one of the hottest new online gambling crazes.Bitcoin news widget

Bitcoins are the future for online gambling, so pick a casino that matches your needs and join the revolution today.