Better way to convert date format - sybase.powerbuilder.general bitcoin in the news

Better way to convert date format – sybase.powerbuilder.general bitcoin in the news

Easy way to convert THIS date format???

I have XML like this..








Re: converting date from american format to asia format


Im currently using visual studio .NET 2003, which uses dates in mm/dd/yyyy format

However, i need it to be in dd/mm/yyyy format

I use the dates in textboxes and datagrids

Is there a simple way to do it?

Also, i have noticed theres a method in the session object called lcid

Is it usable for my problem?

If yes, how do i implement it?Theres always a better way of doing things,cheers,

Change culture setting in page directive or web.Config as ‘en-GB’, that would help you.

— ashish jain


I would like to do it in the web.Config file so that it’s a 1 time codi…

Convert remedy arsystem date in SQL server to short date format

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Does anyone know how to convert remedy arsystem date in SQL server to short date format compensating for EST and daylight savings.

Thank you in advance!

Here is the SQL 2005 solution but I need this to work in .NET as I can not add stored procs to the proprietary database. Any ideas on the syntax for VB.NET? SELECT DATADD(day, myepochvalue – 2361331, ‘17530101’) as timeframe see:http://www.Nabble.Com/integer-date-conversion-in-business-object-webintelligence-td6554394.Html

This is what finally worked in VB.NET public class convertepoc…

What is a better way to fill a dataset better way

Hello all,

I am filling a dataset and it seems to be a very inelegant way of doing business. I have a lot more elegant way of filling the datareader. If anybody has a better way of filling the dataset (hopefully C#) please give an example.Bitcoin in the news

Here is how I load up a datareader:

//instantiate new class

MyClass populate= new myclass ();

//bind and populate radio button list rblitem

Mydatagrid.DataSource = populate.GetTblSettingFirstChar();


Public sqldatareader gettblsettingfirstchar(string tablecolumn, string firstchar)


Converting date formats

Need abit of help here guys. Is there anyways to convert the date formats from dd/mm/yy to yyyy,m,d in VS C#? Thanks in advance.

Eg. I extract the date string date = dr[i].ToString() 20/08/2003 from a datagrid connected to a database need to convert to 2003,8,20 so I could use the calendar control thedates.Add(new datetime(date)); convert it back later.

Another problem is when i use thedates.Add(new datetime(date)); it give me a error during compile:

Argument ‘1’: cannot convert from ‘string’ to ‘long’

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Convert date format

Sybase 6 on windows OS

I’m currently working on a migration project from a

Pervasive.SQL db to sybase. Pervasive has the follow

Standard date format (mm/dd/yyyy). Sybase 6 has the

Standard date format of (yyyy-mm-dd). It seems to me that

Sybase 9 has a standard date formate of (mm/dd/yyyy).

I’m importing data from pushed out text tab deliminated. Is

There an easy / compatible way to import the pervasive date

Format into sybase 6? Or, must I pursue a sybase 9 db

(trying to stay away from this one)

Please ignore this request. I did find you can export

Pervasive dat…

Converting date format

Is there a function which can convert a date in a specific format to another

Format? For example, converting date of format ‘dd/mm/yy’ TO



PB dates are stored in an internal format.Bitcoin in the news so, convert the first string to a

Date with date() and then to a string in the second format with string().

Forums.Sybase.Com wrote in message …

>is there a function which can convert a date in a specific format to


>format? For example, converting date of format ‘dd/mm/yy’ TO


How to convert date format

I have an asp.Net 2005 project with vb.Net as language.

Till now i have used mm/dd/yyyy format in my entire project to enter a date or to display a date from database.Now i want to change the date format to dd/mm/yyyy in my entire project ,for entering a date,for displaying a date,everything.

How can i do it ?

Do i have a solution to changed in entire project at a time or do i have to change it in every page and in every storedprocedure.

Well…. If just wanna show the particular date format, simple change your region settings from your control panel.But, seems you wanna get a…Bitcoin in the news

Convert the date format


I want to convert my date format from 15-feb-05 to 2005/02/15 using asp .Net vb code. It is vary urgent

Thanks in advance

Dim vdate as date = format(date.Today, yyyy/MM/dd) :)…

Convert date format

How do i change the format of a date?

The date that was retrieved from my database was in the format MM/DD/YYYY. Hw can i change it do DD/MM/YYYY?

If you change the format for display you can use string formatting. Assume dt represents your date as datetime instance.

TextBox1.Text = dt.ToString(dd/MM/yyyy)

Thanks,teemu keiskifinland, EU…