Bitcoin _ a case study and opinion piece on its past, present, and potential future bitcoin currency graph

• опубликовано: 28 окт 2017

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Ken king 3 месяца назад

Nice video, but a couple of things – mining difficulty changes every 2 weeks. It isn’t changed by how many people are mining, it is based on the total of hash that is being used to mine it. What are your that that there are only about 20 million people worldwide at this point that own $100 or more US? While that shows a lot of ability to grow, that also shows there are a few holding on to a lot waiting to capitalize.Bitcoin currency graph most 3rd world countries like the 5 you mentioned are using, but most 1st world countries people are speculating. I don’t disagree with much of your analysis here, but I think some of the bigger picture is missing and yes, I also believe BTC has a long upward trend to go, as it is already 1k over your valuation as of today. Spending time before investing rather than just someone using is very important. Be careful about what you think is always the number one – while it is market dominant right now, there are tons of things that could impact that including technology, the blockchain is great, but that doesn’t mean that while bitcoin is the top right now, some other crypto wont come along with better strategy and plan that could displace it. No one should invest more than they can afford to lose, but everyone should invest something..Bitcoin currency graph

Ed 3 месяца назад +5

I will say 2 things: 1) bitcoin cash is the real bitcoin (because it uses all original bitcoin workings) segwit is not bitcoin, lighting is a completely different system (and centralised at that, it is not p2p, and it works no different to existing banking system, meaning it will be regulated and that will make it under control of bankers, while real bitcoin will not. 2) if core’s segwit coin survives and they end up creating lightinng, the only people that will use that system, will be unaware sheeple, anyone that wants to be in decentralised system that bankers can’t regulate, will be in bitcoin cash. PS: also, don’t expect anti-US (and western) imperialism nations, to accept core’s centralised system for their people, I can bet nations like china, russia will be using bitcoin cash, and those that control existing banking system, will push for core’s segwit and lightning as the way forward.Bitcoin currency graph and everyone should remember, they vote with their own money, so think carefully what system you want to support and what system do you want to have for your, and your kid’s future… A centralised one or decentralised one?

Ed 3 месяца назад

Mundi cripto noticias, I am pretty sure I am not the stupid one, but you are free to to think of me as you want. I am also 100% not paid by anyone, again, you can think whatever you want, I could not care less. I am also very sure that you are the stupid one, as you don’t even know what centralisation means, you use propaganda label of bcash which confirms 100% you are just a troll and core shill, and lastly… Here’s one more proof that you are smart, if something is a clone or copy, as you said it yourself, first it means that if original is decentralised, then the close is decentralised also…Bitcoin currency graph but as I said… You have no clue what being decentralised means (and no, it doesn’t mean geographically diverse, miners in no way centralised he system the way the bitcoin layer works is what makes it decentralised and miners are the heart of it.. And it is irrelevant where they are located, or the people behind mining are). Bitcoin cash is exact same thing as original bitcoin (as it was fork before segwit fucked it up) with only max block size increase to 8MB, and a new feature of EDA added to ensure survival and eventual success of bitcoin cash as mass adopted true p2p, and decentralised payment system, while your segwit shit is not bitcoin any more, and that lightning network you think will solve the scaling issue, all it will really do is drag you back in into centralised system that will be under control of bankers.Bitcoin currency graph you are such a fool… But hey… You are free to chose for yourself what you want to support… I only support original bitcoin system, without the core cancer with their segwit and LN shit. Have a nice day.

Cryptocurrency australia 3 месяца назад +2

Ed, I will respectively challenge both your points. 1) bitcoin is not centralised. It took me 30 seconds to view the live bitcoin distributed hash rate. This distribution is split amongst the larger miners from all around the world. Link blockchain.Info/pools . Also, it is inflammatory and sensationalist to try to compare core bitcoin to a traditional banking system. Bitcoin cash was a fork of the bitcoin blockchain, so how can it be the original? 2) lightning is created and partly operational on the litecoin blockchain. Litecoin was a fork of bitcoin with segwit activated.Bitcoin currency graph it would be safe to assume, what can be done to litecoin, can be done to bitcoin, in terms of upgrades. Those choosing to use bitcoin are not sheeple. They are rational. I think it is beyond improbable that china and russia will use a particular cryptocurrency over all the others. They have a hard stance on all cryptocurrencies. To assume they would favour bitcoin cash is irrational. Buying a decentralised cryptocurrency is not voting with money. Investing into an ICO is voting with money, as your investment is directly attributed to their potential success in terms of funding development. Bitcoin is not a company. Bitcoin is not in ICO. Bitcoin is a mathematically decentralised cryptocurrency, outside the bounds of any one person.