Bitcoin atms about to spread to australia – buy bitcoins price of bitcoin

With so much talk about bitcoins in the last year and its progression from a fringe cyber currency to a legitimate international currency it’s hardly surprising that the first bitcoin atms are beginning to be rolled out.

ATM manufacturer lamassu announced in december that it has sold 120 of their bitcoin machines to 25 different countries with up to 15 of them bound for melbourne alone. And with the capacity to allow any bitcoin exchange to be included as a provider, we at getbitcoin are hopeful this will create a new level of convenience for our customers.

With bitcoins making the news at an ever-increasing rate and being used for a growing number of purchases, it’s probably only a matter of time before the small retail market gets on board and an ATM that dispenses bitcoins is a great way to encourage that growth.The price of bitcoin

The ABC, australia’s national broadcaster, recently ran a story on the new machines and even featured the reporter buying a coffee using the bitcoins she had purchased from the ATM. It seems a brave new world is really upon us. To see one of the new machines in action click here. For those wanting to buy bitcoins right now, our on-line service is always available, with a range of new features coming soon.

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It’s difficult for us at getbitcoin not to be a little excited at the constant innovation and spread of the bitcoin system and we hope our customers feel it too.

Image source: lamassu

the price of bitcoin

May 5, 2014 at 1:21 pm

[…] bitcoin ATM manufacturer robocoin is launching robocoin bank, an integration of online banking in what they are calling a ‘branch’. The branch is actually its ATM, with new and improved features that move past just an straightforward ATM to deposit and withdraw money. The bank will have provable reserves, instant withdrawals (bitcoin to fiat cash), and an international transfer system they have dubbed banking and remittance 2.0. This means users can send both bitcoin and fiat currency to others using the ATM. Once the funds are transferred, the recipient receives an SMS, and can then withdraw funds at a local machine. The creation of a bank-like system means that the use of private keys is reduced significantly, making transactions easier and more straightforward than they currently are, because accounts take over.The price of bitcoin robocoin is updating its services to reflect its changing game, with robocoin kiosks now robocoin bank branches, and the use of new terminology to describe services: you do not buy or sell a bitcoin, but deposit and withdraw bitcoin or fiat currency. Customers’ public bitcoin addresses are now robocoin accounts. These accounts hold customer information such as phone numbers, PIN numbers and biometric ID, with the phone being the user name, the PIN being the first part of their password, with their palm as the second part of the password. The bitcoin can then be accessed from most atms around the world. […]