Bitcoin Bloodbath! XRP Survives, Gold Breaks $1,280 value of bitcoin

• опубликовано: 22 дек 2017

• blood in the streets! 47% crash – yes that is a crash not a correction. That does not and will never occur with gold, I don’t care who you are or what you say or what your opinion of metals is. GOLD IS THE ULTIMATE SAFE HAVEN ASSET – THE MOST INDESTRUCTIBLE FORM OF CAPITAL ON EARTH. It will be interesting to see where this goes. Amazing to witness. Love it. Exciting times. Buckle up – keep stacking. If you are in crypto, I hope it is stable. The coke heads of wall street are in it now! Gold coin: qualitysilverbullion.Com/product/14-oz-junius-maltby-9999-gold-rounds/ BTC wallets: 189oa75fma4jnakcdetqx6yqpsbdkth9wm 18vmjcaibzgfzsdoupowe6noy8bvmwu4ck LTC: ler4z1fwybgvhv791xydpqmbzebjgg8wpt ripple XRP: rpvmhwbsff9imxyj3aazjvkpdtfnsywdky tag: 1317751799 FAIR USE STATEMENT this video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.Value of bitcoin

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Daviesakiller месяц назад +1

Junius maltby for many investments 30% in one day is a crash. For cryptos it’s just another day at the office. Profits are too tempting not to take. With 140 billion exiting the market in 24 hours, profit taking is exactly what happened. With all this new money entering this market at prices over $10k it’s not hard to understand why these retracements happen. With a measly $1billion invested at $15k, that then goes to $16.5k in a couple of weeks, that’s 10% and $100million in profits.Value of bitcoin the more pertinent question would be who wouldn’t push the sell button on a cash out that large that quick. Over the past year there’s been 5 such 30% retracements. There’s your pattern. Expect to see 3 steps forward 1 step back. All the little ppl can do is hodl. Or maybe get lucky and ride the waves at the right time but overall it’s always going to be the way of the golden rule. Those with the gold (btc) makes the rules. Power and money rarely flow from the rich to the poor and cryptos aren’t any different in that regard.

DW месяц назад +5

Could the price of silver take off in march??? This was taken from the daily economist report (12/22/2017) www.Thedailyeconomist.Com/2017/12/could-bullion-bank-manipulation-of.Html in part… “because the takeover of bear stearns by jpmorgan was necessitated by concerns for the stability of the financial system, it was, basically, arranged and overseen by the highest levels of US government financial regulators, the treasury dept.Value of bitcoin and the federal reserve. In a nutshell, bear stearns was too big to fail. Yet fail it did, although the USG and jpmorgan took strong measures to contain the damage from the bear stearns failure. One of those measures was to prevent bear’s failure from affecting the silver and gold market. While not a believer in full-blown conspiracy theories by any measure, it is also clear to me that the CFTC has handled jpmorgan with kid gloves, at best. How else to describe the behavior of jpmorgan in the silver market that no other entity could get away with? We don’t have to go much further than JPM never taking a loss on COMEX silver short positions and how it can be allowed to be both the biggest paper short and biggest physical buyer simultaneously. How can one reconcile the broader concern of overall government control of precious metals prices in the face of jpmorgan’s specific actions in COMEX silver?Value of bitcoin my friend’s speculation does a pretty good job of answering that dilemma. He contends that the US government made a ten year deal with jpmorgan, giving the bank immunization against regulatory oversight in matters involving silver (and gold). And we’re certainly close to the ten-year mark of any such agreement. Again, I’m not claiming authorship of the ten year deal speculation, but I do wish I was the author. That’s because it aligns perfectly with everything I think I know about silver, the US government, COMEX and jpmorgan. I never believed the USG would grant permanent immunity to jpmorgan for manipulating silver and gold, so a ten year deal fits as a substitute. – ted butler, via silver doctors” so, if this is correct, they can, and will, keep the price down until march of 2018. Then it may allow theprice to react to real conditions.Value of bitcoin what do you think?