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I am building a new website where people can rally around prisoners of conscience. Each page will have a description of the prisoners and their case along with donation links, options to subscribe to case updates, etc. People handling support for each particular prisoner can create the page for their prisoner and put in info about them.Bitcoin price after halving we are doing this with a drupal backend and would like to integrate a bitcoin donation function. There seem to be many bitcoin-related drupal modules but they all require either bitcoind running on the server or an account at coinbase/bitpay/etc which creates a hurdle for our users and may not be user-editable to begin with.

Is there a simple way in drupal to have a user put in a bitcoin address to a field when editing a page and have it display an address/QR code? Bonus points if it gives unique incoming addresses though not really necessary. We would really like to integrate this feature to encourage activists to use bitcoin more.

Thanks for any help you can offer, the prisoners of conscience appreciate your support!


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It depends on the time/skills at hand, but for your (relatively simple) needs I think the easiest (and not very solid way) is to:

bitcoin price after halving

1) create a content type prisoner-page with a text field to contain address, called for example btcaddress

(enhancement: check that bitcoin address is a legal address)

2) create a custom template for the field. Basically, get the file called /modules/field/theme/field.Tpl.Php , copy into your theme folder and rename it as field–field-btcaddress.Tpl.Php

Empty drupal’s cache

Now the field should be displayed by the custom (but un-modified so far) template.

More info https://api.Drupal.Org/api/drupal/modules!Field!Theme!Field.Tpl.Php/7 and https://drupal.Org/node/1089656

Note: this will format the field when displayed in a page eg node/123456 . If you want to format the field in a view, the process is a bit different

3) edit the template to display QR code instead of text, for example by using http://sourceforge.Net/p/phpqrcode/wiki/home/

bitcoin price after halving

You should call it somehow like this: $backcolor = 0xffff00;

$forecolor = 0xff00ff;

QRcode::png(bitcoin:.$address.?Amount=.$amount, false, L, 8, 0, false, $backcolor, $forecolor);

Let me know if you need further help

Congrats in your project, but how are you going to protect yourself from scammers?

EDIT: a cleaner way, but a bit more code-oriented, would be to create a bitcoin address field type. See https://drupal.Org/node/1481082 and this tutorial http://clikfocus.Com/blog/how-set-custom-field-type-using-drupal-7-fields-api

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