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Bitcoin exchange reviews: unocoin vs zebpay vs BTC-X-india bitcoin exchange sources/companies-

Bitcoin business is on the peak in this time. No investor want to loose the opportunity of bitcoin exchange. But how could bitcoins can be exchange in india? If you are thinking it is tough task, then answer is no, its not so tough that we are thinking, it has become much easier for us from last two years with the help of bitcoin wallet companies which are in india like zebpay , unocoin and btcxindia. But which wallet should be used, this is the main thing.

Guys, we are here to solve your problem. According to the reviews of users, you can conclude which wallet is best for you. Zebpay

Zebpay is well known and highly trusted bitcoin exchange in india. Zebpay has offices in ahmedabad, india.

Pros of zebpay-

the price of bitcoin

• zebpay is an app, so it is portable. It will always be in your pocket, so you can easily check the latest price .

• in zebpay rate fluctuate a little less.

• from zebpay you find a BTC investment in INR. It is more suitable for long term invertors.

• also zebpay has more parteners to accept BTC.

• it works good when you want to buy some amount of BTC.

• it is secure and friendly to use.

Cons of zebpay-

• you can not place any buy order on zebpay.

• currently the buying rate on zebpay is 200028 and selling rate is rs 191049 that means rs.8979 spread . It is such a wide spread. Most of the foreign BTC companies have much smaller spreads.

• you need to transfer money through online banking. Which means you have to log into your bank account and make the transfer. And since NEFT / RTGS transfers does not allow at night.The price of bitcoin so, you can’t buy bitcoins at odd hours.

• there is a limit of transaction up to 5 lakhs.


Unocoin is one of the first bitcoin startup of india. It is also the most costliest bitcoin exchange in india. And also unocoin supports swapping of altcoins to bitcoin. It has offices in bengaluru, india.

Pros of unocoin-

• in unocoin, spreads are usually less than the zebpay. Currently, buying rate of bitcoin is rs.198411 and selling rate is rs.191962, spread is approx 6500 which is less than zebpay.

• it is aweb app, so they have many more features than zebpay, like you can place standing instructions to deduct.

• you can make your transactions through credit card, debit cards via payu money.

• security is quite strong than zebpay. It ha OTP, password.

• tranfer from bank account to unocoin wallet is much faster than zebpay.The price of bitcoin

• limit of transaction is higher than zebpay.

Cons of unocoin

• the unocoin doesn’t lock transaction even for a minute.

• transferring payments is very tough . If you don’t want to use your payu wallet, you have to do a fund transfer from your account to the unocoin wallet before you want to transact. You can hold this money in unocoin’s account for 90 days. And obviously, you would not like to put your amount to anybody else wallet.

• payu money wallet apply limits here which maens you can’t transact more than rs 20,000 worth from your wallet.


It is also one of the first bitcoin exchange in india. It has offices in hyderabad, india. Pros of BCTXINDIA

• it has lesser bitcoin price compared to all other exchanges.

• you can have 0% fees while other take 6 to 8%.

• you can get lower rate with BTCXINDIA.The price of bitcoin

• it opposes the limit which is fixed by the other indian exchanges. But you need bitcoin or USD for that.


• as per user reviews, many are saying that the BTCXINDIA is not responding to its customer care or it is not giving customer care support.

• KYC processing is very long as it takes sometime 6 months which is surely a long time.

• you can transfer money only in india, money from other country is proposed invalid as per RBI rules. Unocoin is better in all this type of issue.

The comparison is infront you, now you can choose the best exchange you think of. Which indian exchange should be selected for bitcoin exchange

Dear readers, these all data are collected as per users reviews, there is no personal experience of ours. Investment in bitcoin is surely a big thing because you are investing a lot of your own money in to it.The price of bitcoin but please be sure that you are investing , not spending your money. This is your money, you must be careful.

And from us, you will surely get the best that we can.