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Given the flourishment of the bitcoin in recent years, it is no wonder that the bitcoin is garnering a lot of interest from people the world over. However, a reliable, intuitive and easy to use bitcoin exchange is certainly necessary for anyone interested in working with and trading bitcoins. The problem though, is that reliable, intuitive and easy to use bitcoin exchanges are not exactly a walk in the park to come across. The reason for this is because, most, if not all, of the best bitcoin exchanges in the business are websites with comparatively recent go – live dates. This means that there just hasn’t been enough time for word to get around about these websites yet and so they simply are not as well known. Exchange


San francisco, USA

Tokyo, japan

Tokyo, japan

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bitcoin price historical data

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Marshall islands

Are bitcoin exchanges safe?

One of the main factors that need to be considered when you are looking at bitcoin exchanges really is safety and security. It is no secret that cyber crime is on the rise, and soon we will all be referring to cyber crime as just crime. In a world where there are thousands of cyber-attacks every single day, we simply cannot stress how critical it is to be prudent and leave no stone unturned in terms of cyber security. Thankfully, all of the exchanges that we have listed and reviewed are well aware of the potential attacks and are not only highly vigilant but also extremely pro – active when it comes to maintaining the best security standards in the industry.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a bitcoin exchange is their transparency.Bitcoin price historical data does the exchange website openly publish data in terms of coins in cold storage? And what currency pairs do the support? Is it for bitcoins exclusively or do they also support other cryptocurrencies? The list goes on and on. Find the best bitcoin exchanges in 2018 right here

It is very important to research about bitcoin exchanges before taking the leap. While we 100% encourage you to embark on your own research journey, we have reviewed and ranked some of the best bitcoin exchanges on the world wide web today which will surely come in handy for those of you that don’t really have the time or resources for exhaustive self – research. Feel free to add this webpage to your favorites or book marks so that you can always come back and find the list of the best bitcoin exchanges online in a click of a button.Bitcoin price historical data what is a bitcoin exchange?

A bitcoin exchange is very similar to a currency exchange that you may find at an airport or elsewhere. Basically, in its essence, the bitcoin exchange allows you to buy or sell bitcoins and that’s that. There is a difference between a bitcoin exchange and a bitcoin wallet, some bitcoin wallets also double as bitcoin exchanges and vice versa.

Depending on the particular bitcoin exchange itself, you could trade bitcoins for fiat currencies such as the US dollar and the euro. Some exchanges also allow you to trade bitcoins for other cryptocurrencies such as the litecoin. What is a bitcoin wallet? How is different from a bitcoin exchange?

While some bitcoin exchanges also provide an in-built bitcoin wallet, a bitcoin wallet should not be confused with a bitcoin exchange.Bitcoin price historical data A bitcoin wallet can be thought of more in terms of a payment method. You can use the wallet where supported to pay for goods and services online using bitcoins and you can also share your wallets public address with people who can then use that address to deposit money or bitcoins into your wallet.