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• be holding an irish passport that remains valid throughout your intended period of stay in canada. When the work permit is issued on arrival in canada, it will not be longer than the validity of the passport.

• accept to purchase, prior to entering canada, insurance for medical and health care, including hospitalisation and repatriation, for the entire authorised period of stay. Proof of this insurance coverage must be presented to immigration officials upon arrival in canada.

• your family can come to canada with you. However, each of your dependants (spouse/common-law partner/child/children) will have to obtain his/her own immigration status. Please see further information in our FAQ section.

If you have a job arranged in canada which is related to your field of study or professional experience you may be interested in the young professionals visa category.How to apply for housing benefit online

places are currently available for this programme, please contact go4less to discuss this. FAQs Q. Do I have to pay at the time of applying?

Yes, to register with go4less you must pay a €79 deposit. This deposit can be used toward your flights and insurance if you book both at the same time with an agent through go4less. Q. Will it affect my application if I have a criminal or immigration offence?

Yes this may have an effect on your application. All applicants that have an offence may be subject to extra processing and may have to submit extra documentation. Each case is taken individually and timeframes will vary. Q. I would like to apply for the canada visa. Can my family come with me?

Yes, your family can come to canada with you. However, each of your dependants (spouse/common-law partner/child/children) will have to obtain his/her own status.How to apply for housing benefit online please see the scenarios below. Q. What does accompany mean within the framework of the canada visa?

Within the framework of the canada visa, the verb accompany means to be dependent on or to be reliant on. On the declaration form, when you tick that you will not be accompanied to canada, you acknowledge that no individual will be reliant on you. In other words, you declare knowing that no other individual may benefit from a status, visa or permit (i.E. Work or study) based on the simple fact of going to canada with you. In this sense, you cannot be accompanied to canada as each of your dependants is responsible for obtaining his/her own status in canada. Your dependants can go with you to canada but each person is responsible for his/her own application and/or his/her own status (please see the explanations below).How to apply for housing benefit online Q. I would like to apply to the IEC initiative. May my child come with me? What will his/her status be?

NOTE: if you are going to canada under the IEC initiative, without the other parent, and your child is a minor, you must read the information provided by the visas and immigration service of the embassy of canada in the UK carefully, you will have to prove that you are authorized to travel alone with your child. Q. I would like to do an internship as a requirement for my studies in ireland. Is this possible?

Yes. However, the courses must be part-time and be considered as personal development/growth. The course cannot be part of a university degree. If you are in canada under the IEC working holiday program, you may enroll in language courses over a short period of time, i.E. Less than six months. Q. Do I need a machine readable and/or a biometric passport to enter canada?How to apply for housing benefit online

Citizens of northern ireland who hold a valid irish passport should apply to the ireland IEC initiative. Citizens of northern ireland who hold a valid U.K. Passport should apply to the U.K. IEC scheme. Q. What kinds of jobs can I do with an IEC visa? Are there restrictions on the duration of the employment contracts, the language of the workplace, the location or the number of employers I may have?

The work permit issued under the working holiday category is an ‘open’ work permit which is valid for any type of job. There are no restrictions on the duration of the contract, the language or the location. There are also no restrictions on the number of employers you work for within the 24 month period. If you wish to work in certain fields- clinical laboratory workers, patient attendants in nursing and geriatric homes, teachers of primary or secondary schools or other teachers of small children, domestic work, workers who give in-home care to children/elderly/disabled persons, or day nursery workers- you will be required to have a medical examination and submit a medical report as part of your application.How to apply for housing benefit online Q. How long does my passport have to be valid for in order to apply?

You must hold a valid passport at the time you submit your application. If you have been accepted as a participant and you are preparing to enter canada through IEC, the validity period of your passport should cover the whole time you plan to stay in canada. The validity period of your work permit may not extend beyond the validity period of your passport. Q. I am currently renewing my passport. May I submit my application with a photocopy of my previous passport and a letter stating that my passport is being renewed?

The most popular canadian destinations for young people are toronto and vancouver but with the relatively high cost of living and the increasingly competitive employment markets in both cities, workers are now choosing to move to smaller cities in canada’s western provinces.How to apply for housing benefit online

The provinces of alberta and saskatchewan are where the irish will find some of the best opportunities around, particularly for skilled tradesmen such as carpenters, plumbers and electricians. Over the last few years, due to the rich natural resources located here, these provinces have witnessed a major rise in the number of irish arriving to work in the regina and saskatoon mines or the edmonton, fort mcmurray and calgary oil fields.

Irish workers who have experience in the construction and engineering sector are almost guaranteed employment as canada is facing a huge shortage of construction and engineering professionals with experience. Canadian companies tend to hire irish workers as they have quality people skills, a good work ethic and a good technical ability.