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The hounddawg blog – my progressive views of society

• Individual 1 is a sniveling coward, scared shitless of the intelligence, power, authority and influence of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and that the propaganda campaign of the last election cycle used to disparage her in opposing Democratic

The honest to goodness truth on how to cloud mine – southgate

The rationale you will find many cloud mining frauds can be since it’s very simple for everyone on ground to setup a site. An cloud mining pool is readily the most hands-off version of crypto mining you’re able to purchase.

The history of subway store the invoice and resume template

In a lot of ways, Amazon today is evocative of the Microsoft of old, if alone because it’s become added adamantine to accumulate clue of aggregate the Seattle-based aggregation has its duke in. Admitting Amazon started out as a simple

The hard data update january 2019 the hard data

Before I tell the story, I must directly address our paying subscribers: You will be refunded your last subscription payment. Your current subscription will be cancelled. However, I hope to edit and publish one more issue of “The Hard Data

The grazing bill godelbizhub

All that is left in the legislative process to make it a law is a 3rd reading, that is, a clause by clause debate and then assent by the President. The proposed piece of legislation is full of unconstitutionalities, ethnic

The girls john mcafee

I thought I would do a brief introduction to some of the the girls who, by and large lived with me full time. Without the assistance of these girls, It would have taken years to prime the socially engineered system

The ghosts of room 18 at the st. james hotel – ufo insight

According to the legends and history, the St. James Hotel that stands on the once proud and much-trodden “Santa Fe Trail” is one of the most haunted locations in the lands of the one-time Wild West. At the height of

The fundamentals of price and cost analyses

Every business can benefit from applying an effective pricing formula to their purchasing process. Yet in order to identify which strategy is right for a specific industry, several key factors must be considered. Such determining factors were discussed at the

The daily scam january 23, 2019

Anyone who has loved and lost, or simply loved at all, knows that love can hurt. Paloma Faith sang about it so beautifully in her 2014 video. This week’s Top Story addresses a very different kind of hurt from love.

The dark web – your credit and identity for sale

Most of us are very familiar with the internet and search engines, such as Google, Firefox, or Bing. But did you know that most of us only have access to around 4% of the ‘safe’ content found on what is

The classical review

A fascination with the stories, told and untold, that underlie operatic characters has helped Finley, 58, make a career that demolishes typecasting. Finley could well be in the current production of Pelléas, but he has a different Met assignment in

The catholic connection the official publication of the diocese of shreveport

I think back to the Baptism of our Lord, which concluded the Christmas season. What was Jesus doing right after He was baptized? The Gospel of Luke tells us: “After all the people had been baptized and Jesus also had

The case for network-accelerated query processing the morning paper

Datastores continue to advance on a number of fronts. Some of those that come to mind are adapting to faster networks (e.g. ‘ FARM: Fast Remote Memory’) and persistent memory (see e.g. ‘ Let’s talk about storage and recovery methods

The case for a 2020 bitcoin bull run bitcoin girl thailand

As the volatility chart illustrates, the volatility trends of BTC, since 2013, do follow predictable patterns, culminating in higher volatility during Q4. This dynamic unfolded again in 2018 as price volatility compressed from October to mid-November (black lines), which typically

The bystander effect reactions and causes – psychrod

The bystander effect is an element of social psychology that implies that when the number of bystanders is increased in an emergency situation, the less likely any of the bystanders will aid, or assist in the situation (Aronson, Wilson, &

The california department of motor vehicles

You have probably thought a lot about where you want to work and likely applied for hundreds of jobs at this point, but have you ever thought about working for DMV’s Information Systems Division (ISD)? Our ISD has various domains