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Dave’s watch parts and tools

About ten years ago, I decided to open an online store and to maintain a more permanent inventory to better serve collectors looking for hard-to-find parts and tools. As you will see, most of my tools are antique (or at

Data regulations drive public sector tranformations comms business

In collaboration with KYOCERA, iGov Survey interviewed senior individuals across 123 public sector organisations from September to October 2018 to gauge their approach to digital transformation.Titles included Chief Executive and Heads of E.Government, Computer Security and HR. Of those interviewed,

Data and your financial security republic bank

Data and data analytics are reshaping countless industries and organisations and have already made a big impact on how financial institutions serve their customers, particularly when it comes to security. It may seem contradictory that what could be interpreted as

Dart first state – how to ride guide

Riding the bus gives you another way to get there that is safe, secure, and comfortable. Riding the bus gives you the personal opportunities of freedom of choice, more accessibility, and mobility options. Getting there starts here and transit can

Dap malaysia voters of cameron highlands should say three ‘noes” to najib in the by-election this saturday

For this reason, I call on every outstation voter in Cameron Highlands to take the trouble to return home to cast his or her vote on Saturday. This will be an investment worth making, for it will not only affect

Dancing bear indian trader beads, bells, and buckskin

In the old days it was a sign of wealth to have the top half of your dress covered with elk teeth. Only two “ivories” could be had from each elk hunted. As a result elk teeth were highly prized

Paul Hill on the billionaire problem in education rhetoric. Obvious but overlooked point in our fever swamp approach to improving schools for kids – and more generally. If you are against Eli Broad or Reed Hastings engaging in policy but

Daily growth ideas ecm weekly (12 january 2019) – futu, china east education, china kepei education, viva biotech and more smartkarma

Starting with upcoming IPOs, Chengdu Expressway Company Limited (1785 HK) and (2013 HK) will be listing next week on Tuesday, 15th January. Weimob was priced at the low end of its price range while Chengdu Expressway’s IPO was at

A dating guide for single men visiting barranquilla

If so I encourage you to go read this article about men who are not ready for international dating. Take a close look at you self and consider the situation. None of us are perfect and if you are not

Cuomo’s opioid plan will ‘raise hopes and accomplish nothing,’ advocates say gothamist

Toward the end of his State of the State speech on Tuesday, after ticking off a number of progressive priorities for the coming year, Governor Andrew Cuomo turned his attention to the opioid epidemic. "I think we should invest $200

Critics say bitcoin is like tech stocks, why experts disagree and it is more like gold – helena bitcoin mining

Since Bitcoin (BTC) seemingly lost its value proposition as a form of digital cash, investors have searched high and low, doing their utmost best to determine what defines the world-renowned cryptocurrency. While the search hasn’t produced any definitive results or conclusions,

Crazy stone crazy pot

The housing market and the stock market are in doubt. Since the beginning of last year, the investment market has continuously raised an unexpected climax. Crazy stone – jade, white double the price, crazy teapot – Guardian auction, Zisha pot

Cpec blessing for regional peace and prosperity by ayesha alam – batieghar

China-Pakistan economic corridor is expected to bring about both peace and prosperity in South Asia. This corridor will incorporate 2,000 kilometer transport link between-Kashgar-North-Western China to Pakistan. It will improve the structure of region. Regional connectivity is one of the

Cover reveal the elite seven 7 authors 7 stories 7 deadly sins beginning february 11th amazon gc giveaway – literati literature lovers

Since 1942, The Elite Seven Society have created and guided influential leaders, molding the country into something better. This society was birthed by Malcom Benedict, II who wanted more for Americans. More wealth. More influence. More power. Some leaders have

Couple wins millions using lottery loophole kcfj 570 radio network

Last year, Americans spent more than $80 billion playing state lotteries, that’s around $250 for each citizen, more than what was spent on concerts, sporting events and movie tickets combined. Over 25 states took in more from their lottery proceeds

Could elizabeth warren be the next president the smirking chimp

Flash forward to this New Year’s Eve, when Warren announced she’s entering the 2020 Presidential race. With multiple candidates, the Democratic nomination is likely to come down to a choice between a candidate from the progressive populist wing of the