Cuba’s ugly socialism leads to misery and tragic suffering –

However, some people were uneasy. While the Cuban mob was cheering in the streets, those who had something to lose—even small properties—were less enraptured. For someone so public, Fidel Castro was an enigma. The son of a plantation owner and educated by the Jesuits, he was full of fiery rhetoric about freedom but said little specific about his politics or his plans for the future. 10 Razones Por las Cuales el “Matrimonio” Homosexual es Dañino y tiene que Ser Desaprobado

He was careful to hide his Marxist convictions. In April 1959, Fidel Castro spent eleven days visiting the United States. He had a three-hour meeting with Vice-President Nixon.

He laid a wreath at the Lincoln Memorial. He spoke to the National Press Club in heavily accented, albeit fluent, English. Less than a year later, he signed a joint trade agreement between Cuba and the U.S.S.R. in February 1960, which set the stage for an eventual alliance with the communists. The Personal Cost

Like many other Cubans, Felix and Gregorina Alfonso looked on the deteriorating situation with concern and then alarm. Señor Alfonso was a builder. He worked for others, but he had also built a comfortable and spacious home for his large family and an apartment building. Photos show a comfortable stucco house built around a spacious courtyard.

Soon after Castro’s pact with the communists, the government took over his apartment building. Not long after that, the second floor of the Alfonso home was allocated to another family. On August 4, 1961, his recently married daughter, Olga, managed to come to the United States with her husband, Enrique. Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

The Castro regime eventually took over everything. Many Cubans simply left and started their lives over again. For those left behind, life continued under the watchful eyes of members of “The Committee.” One of these civilian watchdogs lived in each block in Havana, reporting on the activities of their neighbors in return for a better ration of food, clothing, and housing. Thwarted Hopes for an End to Communism

The media generally presented such objections as throwbacks to the outdated mentality of the Cold War. The far-left had pushed for such a move for decades. President Obama was determined to give it to them. Since such diplomatic moves are under the executive branch, the President’s will prevailed. Learn All About the Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our Times

Overnight, Cuban tourism boomed. Historical societies, architecture fanciers, university study groups, antique car clubs, and others rushed to satisfy their curiosity about this isolated country less than ninety miles from Florida. The government and the media guaranteed that such tourism would speed the improvement of life in Cuba. It would create jobs in hotels and restaurants. Cubans would see the prosperity of visiting Americans and demand improvements of their own. Left unsaid was the fact that American tourist dollars only buttressed the communists by propping up their faltering economy. One Effect of Sixty Years of Socialism

The article showed, for example, how the old Hotel Astor that operated in Havana before the revolution is decaying. Today, 28,000 people live in the nine-story building. Inside, daylight can be seen through cracks in the exterior walls. In 2017, a third-floor stairway collapsed, stranding people on the upper floors until a makeshift stairway could be built. In the meantime, the government sent in a truck with a crane to deliver food to residents.