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The Oudie IGC has the same great screen and processor as the Oudie 2, but adds a 12 hour battery, aviation grade GPS, backup audio variometer, and IGC approved GPS flight recorder. Many pilots are already flying with an Oudie connected to an LXNAV Nano. This great product has the components from a Nano inside the Oudie itself. It is perfect for use in club gliders and rental gliders.

These files are great for use in a Naviter Oudie or LXNAV Nano3, Nano4, LXNAV S8, S80, S10, S100, LX80x0 or LX90x0. The waypoint file contains all public and private airports from an FAA database from here. The airspace data is provided by Naviter.

Right-click on the links and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" and save them into any directory on the desired soaring device.

S8 or S80 powers the Oudie IGC with 5V. Ths S8 or S80 can display waypoints and airspace and tasks for navigation. The Oudie IGC has a built-in battery good for 12 hours – so you can take it with you when flying club or rental gliders. The Oudie IGC is a very bright color navigation display with detailed maps and final glide calculations – and a built-in IGC approved GPS flight recorder. Example System –

The Oudie 2 Lite has the same hardware and bright display as an Oudie 2 and has SeeYou Mobile software pre-installed, but does not include a license for SeeYou Mobile. Oudie 2 Lite owners can use their existing PDA or PNA SeeYou Mobile license, or install free soaring flight software such as XCSoar, or they can purchase a license for SeeYou Mobile in the future – with free upgrades for the life of the Oudie 2 unit.

The Oudie 2 and Oudie 2 Lite units are a delivered with an extensive set of accessories (see below) – including a power/data cable and adapters for connection to most any soaring instrument, mounting cradle, suction cup mount, car charger, wall charger, and PC USB cable. The extremely bright display and included accessories make the Oudie 2 and Oudie 2 Lite exceptional values.

suction cup mount is shown above. The Oudie helps you navigate around a soaring task or directly to any waypoint. Landing sites that are within gliding range are highlighted in green on the moving map. The Oudie calculates wind speed and direction while circling in thermals and can display arrival altitudes at nearby airports or landing sites. The large built-in battery makes it the ultimate portable soaring flight computer to take with you in rental or club gliders. Over 5000 Oudie units have been sold around the world since it was introduced a few years ago – so it is likely you’ll see several of them at your local gliderport.

The Oudie IGC has the same bright screen as the Oudie 2 and is supplied with a Lifetime License for SeeYou Mobile. The horizontal and vertical dimensions and screen size are the same on the Oudie IGC and Oudie 2. However, while the Oudie 2 is only thick enough for a battery that lasts about 2 hours, the Oudie IGC is much more thick – accommodating a battery that will run the device for over 12 hours. The larger battery makes the unit much more deep (thick) (25 mm for the Oudie IGC vs. 14 mm for the Oudie 2) and heavier (12.3 ounces for the Oudie IGC vs. 6.4 ounces for the Oudie2). The Oudie IGC also has a built-in pressure sensor which provides a precision altimeter and uncompensated (not Total Energy) variometer. Another benefit the Oudie IGC offers is an aviation grade GPS and an IGC Approved GPS flight recorder. The Oudie 2’s GPS is setup for use in a car and the GPS does some smoothing to the position and path which make it a little less precise in the air. That said, many, many Oudie 2 users have found its built-in GPS to be fine for soaring. I suspect that the Oudie IGC’s GPS will allow the unit to calculate wind speed and direction more precisely than the Oudie 2’s GPS. The Oudie 2 and Oudie IGC are supplied with the same accessories. The Oudie 2 has been used quite often with an external battery and LXNAV Nano flight recorder. The Oudie IGC combines all those items into a single, compact device. The task that is entered into the Task screen is declared into the Oudie IGC’s built-in GPS flight recorder at take-off.

Not necessarily – Customers that can power the Oudie 2 with 12V from the glider battery and receive GPS data from a soaring flight computer will be very happy with the Oudie 2. it is significantly smaller and lighter than the Oudie IGC. The Oudie IGC will be popular with customers that would have needed to use an external battery with the Oudie 2 while flying in club or rental gliders. The Oudie IGC does everything the Oudie 2 does – and more. It works great in your glider – connected to your vario or soaring flight computer. It also works great all by itself when you fly a club or rental glider.

pressure transducer which is the precision source for the unit’s variometer and altimeter. As you can see in the video below, the variometer is very sensitive. Sailplane pilots may or may not find it useful – since it cannot be connected to a Total Energy probe it is not TE compensated and will show "stick thermals" (climb when you pull back on the stick to slow down and sink when you push forward on the stick to speed-up). Sailplane pilot will find it to be a great backup variometer – the Oudie IGC’s large battery assures that it will be ready if you need it. That said, many glider pilots learned to fly without TE compensated variometers. A non-TE compensated variometer works fine as long as you keep the airspeed relatively constant. When connected to an external vario, the Thermal Assistant uses the vario data from the external vario – which is great.

Naviter has introduced a new subscription plan for their products. In the past, users of SeeYou and SeeYou Mobile could buy upgrades for $83 U.S. (each) which would entitle them to free upgrades for 1 year. The new subscription plan costs $59 U.S./year and entitles customers with SeeYou and/or SeeYou Mobile licenses to use the full-featured versions of SeeYou for Android and iPhone and iPad and also gets you free upgrades for both SeeYou (for PC) and SeeYou Mobile (for PDAs and PNAs) for the year. Of course, only customers that have purchased licenses for SeeYou can upgrade their copy of SeeYou using the subscription plan. Likewise, only customers that have purchased licenses for SeeYou Mobile can upgrade their copy of SeeYou Mobile using the subscription plan. The new SeeYou subscription also enables full use of the SeeYou Cloud – for sharing your flight logs between devices online. Customers using an Oudie that was delivered with a SeeYou Mobile Lifetime license are entitled to free upgrades for the life of the Oudie.

This is a great way to mount your Oudie, Oudie 2 or Oudie IGC to your glider canopy. Unlike suctions cup mounts that have a clamping or locking action, this simple and reliable 4" diameter rubber suction cup will not damage your glider canopy. Be sure to clean the canopy and suction cup and wet the suction cup to assure a secure application.

This is a good way to mount your Oudie, Oudie 2 or Oudie IGC to your thigh. It is less elegant than a RAM arm or gooseneck arm, but it is inexpensive and portable. It is great for use in rental or club gliders. Velcro strips (with hooks) are not included for attaching to the back of the Oudie or Oudie cradle. The mounting surface has the soft Velcro surface built-in. The mounting surface is angled and slightly adjustable to allow for easy viewing in flight.

This is a standard USB to mini-USB cable. It can be used to connect an Oudie or Nano or Nano 3 to a PC. It can also be used to connect a Nano or Nano3 to a NanoPower Adapter or an LXNAV-S7-GPS-Nano cable. One is supplied with Nano, Nano3 and Oudie products. There is nothing specialy about the USB to mini-USB cable. You can get one at Radio Shack, Target, Best Buy, etc.