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Answer – Rio de Jeniro UNESCO was declared the global capital of architecture on the Brazilian city Rio de Jeniro for 2020 to Rio de Jeniro. Rio is the first city to receive this title. Rio de Jeniro will be held at the 27th edition of the World Congress of International Architect of the Union in July, 2020. The global architecture would become the International forum for Dialogue in Rio as the capital.

2. Recently the Shivkumar Swami passed away, what kingdom were they from? Answer – Karnataka recently died of spiritual guru Shivkumar Swami, he was 111 years old. He was the head of five-decade-old Shri Sidadhag Monastery.

He provided education to a large number of disadvantaged class students. In 1965 for his philanthropic work, the University of Karnataka provided him a doctor’s honorary degree in literature. In the year 2015, the Government of India awarded him the Padma Bhushan award.

The theme will be organized by the Central Council for Research in the Homeopath under the Ministry of Ayush, the following are the themes of this forum: • Regulatory collaboration • On minimum regulation and legal standards • Increased safety and quality standards • Move towards standardization the last few bridesmaids The demand for homeopath products has been increased in the health care sector in Sho. Therefore, it is necessary to build a proper regulatory framework for these products.

4. Who is being held in the City of Youth overseas Indian Day 2018? North-Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) on January 21, the youth diaspora was introduced in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Its theme is "The role of Indian diaspora in creating a new Bharat". The Association of Uttar Pradesh government is being organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA).

5. How many percent of the Government of India decided to recruit women in the military police? Answer – 20% central Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced the decision to include women in the Parasnel Bills Officer rank (Pbor) at the military Police corpus. 20% of the women will be involved in the military police corpus. The Indian Army has prepared a plan to appoint 800 women in the military police to be appointed 52 employees per annum.

The task of maintaining discipline and law system in military environment and military use is carried out by military police. Military polices are also working to protect and monitor the cantonment and buildings of the army. It also ensures the act of complying with the rules by the soldiers. Military polices also assist the working and Asainay police to handle war captives.

6. The 14th session of the UNCCD Conference of Parties will be held in which country? North – India will organise the parties session of the Conference of 14th in India (UN Convention) to fight the UNCCD (Marusathalikaran). The issue of Marusathalikaran and land Nimanikaran will be discussed in this session. It will be held in India in October, 2019. In this session more than 100 countries can take part. UNCCD (UN Convention) for fighting the Marusathalikaran was established in 1994, its aim is to work to maintain soil productivity.

7. Which central Bank of the country recently banned the Indian currency’s notes? Answer – Nepal recently the78 (central Bank of Nepal) has banned Indian currency notes of over Rs 100. According to the new rules, the citizens of Nepal cannot go to this note in a country other than India. And Nepal’s citizens cannot take restricted note of India from other countries in Nepal. Nepal’s central bank issued the circular by issuing Nepalese tourists, banks and financial institutions with the use of Indian currency of over Rs 100 or trading. Circular said that Indian notes of Rs 200, 500 and 2000 cannot be used for use or trade. Indian notes can be used only in Nepal now worth Rs 100 and less.

Chintamani Nagesh Ramachandra Rao (Seenar Rao) is the renowned scientist of India, who has contributed significantly in material research. He has so far written more than 1600 research papers and 50 books. He has done quite a lot in researching metal oxide, inorganic solid, metal-insulators transition, nano materials, artificial photosynthesis, etc.

9. Which state government recently unveiled the Startup & innovation policy 2018-2023? Tamil Nadu government of Tamil Nadu recently unveiled the Startup &amp innovation policy 2018-2023. The aim is to provide the proper environment for the startups of the state to innovation. By this policy 2023, Tamil Nadu will be prepared for "startups global Innovation Hub". It has been the goal of generating 1 lakh employment opportunities. Tamil Nadu startup fund, which Corpus Rs 250 crore, will be established for implementation of the Mission.