Daily star opinions twinkling with ninfa leonardia

One national daily had called 2018 “The year of High Hopes”. Was it saying so with tongue in cheek? Apparently it was basing its statement on a survey made in 2017 showing that 96 percent of Filipinos were viewing the coming year then with optimism. What doused that optimism, then? What we want to know is whether the survey group is saying the same for 2019?

But the same item was followed by another that warned people about floods, landslides, tornados, and fires. No, it did not say anything about the infamous EJKs, that, perhaps, could mean that it is a given. So where will the high hopes come from?

Prices of rice, fuel and commodities? By the way, brace for a hike in fuel prices next week, because our sources have signified that they are not producing more, nor will they flood the market with the Black Gold. So prepare to bite the bullet again!

While sports lovers are preparing to cheer and rejoice in a Pacquiao victory over Adrien Broner in Las Vegas this month, or January 19 th to be exact, Pinoys are still gloating over the win of another upcoming Pinoy pugilist, Donnie Nietes over Kasuto Ioka of Japan. Although it was a split, and not unanimous decision of the judges, Nietes is now confidently looking forward to more titles. Isn’t that the way Manny Pacquiao started? Anyway, Pinoys will be watching, cheering, and praying for him. And will the fight time be free of crimes and accidents again?

My, that was quick action and development in the case of the Batocabe killing! If only all crimes get solved that fast, ours would be a more peaceful country than it had ever been in its past years. Could it really have been politics that had done him in, or was there any reason for his killers to target him? But it seems the suspects have confessed, and this was after one of them “sang” and implicated others who, believe it or not, surrendered immediately. Reports say it was a double cross in sharing the crime fee that did them in. I thought it is a belief that there is honor among thieves? Apparently, not among killers.

I have lately gone to a lot of celebrations by families of the birthdays of their loved ones who have reached the ripe age of 90. And I have noted that many of the celebrators are pleased when the Happy Birthday greeting is followed by “May you have many more to come!” Indeed, birthday parties being held in honor of the elderly are often both sentimental and well attended, because those honoring the celebrator, and those invited to the gathering, who are generally of the same generation, both wish for a longer life, not just for the honoree, but also for themselves.

That is why, I have been thinking of a way to greet, or please my friends and relatives who are nearing this milestone in their lives. So I looked up an old ditty published a long time ago by a lady who had just marked her 90 th birthday. Yes, you may clip this portion, and give it to them on their birthdays. Better yet, have it printed in bold letters and framed, for a touching reminder, and a hope for the fulfillment of such wishes. Happy 90 th birthday, to anyone who may be in that group and now celebrating it!

Here’s the beautiful prayer I hope will be enjoyed by people now in their 80s. I can’t remember if I have quoted this before, but then, some readers in those ages will surely be enticed into adopting it for their bedtime prayer. Here it goes: “Dear Lord, there’s much I haven’t done/ I hope, dear Lord, you’ll let me live until I’m 91/ But then if I’m not through of all I want to do/ Will you let me stay until I am 92?/

So many places I wish to go, so very much to see/ Do you think that I can manage to be at 93?/ The world is changing very fast there’s still so much in store/ I’d like it very much to live till 94/ And if, by then I’m still alive I’d like to be till 95/ More planes will fly so I hope to stick/ And see what happens to the world when I am 96/ I know dear Lord, it’s much to ask/ though it must be nice in heaven/ But would I really like to stay until I’m 97/ By then I know I won’t be quick and sometimes will be late/ But it will be so great being still around at 98/ I will have done so many things and will have had a wonderful time/ Therefore I’m sure that I’ll be happy to leave at 99!”*