Different types of machetes 10 most common ones – just machete

Billhook machete is known as a traditional tool for agricultural uses. Its origin is debatable but in Europe’s wine-growing countries it is widely available. Its heavy blade has a straight shape near the handle but a big curve towards the end part. Traditionally the blade is sharpened on the inside but both side sharpened ones are also available. Uses

The Bolo machete is another Pilipino origin blade which is also used widely in Southeast Asia and in the United States. It has a relatively wider blade tip that allows an extra momentum for chopping. There are also different types of Bolo in the market as it has so many uses.

One popular item is the jungle bolo which is specially designed for combat. Uses

This Bowie machete is from the United States and named after Jim Bowie, an American frontiersman. Since its first introduction, it has been designed in several types and is very popular among the survivalists all over the world. It is more like a combination of the popular Bowie knife and machete. The pointed tip of the blade makes it a real deal in survival situations! Uses

Cane machete is a hand wielded cutting tool prevalently used for cutting sugarcane in most South American countries and also in some other parts of the world. It has a wide blade area like the Heavy machete but has a unique hook attached at the backside of the tip which isn’t like the saw back of Gator machete. That is why Cane machete and Heavy machete are so closely associated. Both types are forward weighted and have significant momentum when any blow is made. Uses

The Kukri machete is probably the most popular of all machetes. Though its origin is from Nepal but has become a day to day tool in the United States and other countries. It has a unique curved shape that is very distinguishable and provides some awesome features than other machetes. There are many famous manufacturers who make the top-notch Kukris for the money. And there is a competition amongst them to be the best Kukri brand. Uses

Kukri machete can be very useful for camping purpose when you need a tool for batoning woods, collecting bushes and making a fire. The most common uses are in survival situations and for combat. Many militaries in the world use Kukri machetes for their survival mission. It really can be a super tool if you can make the most use out of it! 09. Panga Machete

Panga machete is from the wild Africa which has some similarities with the Bolo. But its tip is rather sharpened and tends to be a bit heftier having a deep belly with a slight curve. It is very common in the Caribbean region. The shape of the blade provides a very strong chopping power by having a concentrated force. It has a close relative named Tapanga originated from the same neighborhood of Africa. Uses

Parang machete comes from South East Asia and has a relatively long blade. It’s a popular machete across the globe and is a very handy tool. It has a similarity with the Golok but differs in slenderness and curve. It is curvier and longer than the Golok. There are different types of Parang machetes produced by the manufacturers because of its popularity. Uses